23 Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest

You want to make money as a Pinterest affiliate marketer, right?

Pinterest affiliate marketing programs are one of the best ways to make lots of passive income if you employ the right strategy.

On Pinterest, you share images as well as promote products to your targeted audience.

Pinterest enables you to discover information on the internet using videos, GIFs, and images in the form of pinboards.

Pinterest users rely on it for ideas, such as decoration, rather than getting the information on social media. 

So, does Pinterest have an affiliate program?


It involves recommending products and services on the Pinterest platform to your followers for them to buy.

Pinterest is one of the most desirable platforms for affiliate marketers because links can be posted to the site.

Pinterest affiliate marketing is a reliable way to make sales in the first month of trying out affiliate marketing. 

Thus, even without a blog, you can comfortably market products on Pinterest. 

You, therefore, need to join Pinterest affiliate marketing programs and recommend the products you trust. 

One of the most asked questions is if you can make a good amount of money through Pinterest affiliate marketing.

The answer is YES!

However, ensure that you do some thorough research on the affiliate programs you would wish to join. 

It helps you establish whether they have rules against the use of Pinterest in marketing their products and services.

Read on for a better understanding of affiliate programs on Pinterest entail and some of the best options in the Market currently.

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs on Pinterest (Make Insane Money)

Let me tell you why Pinterest is among the best affiliate programs.

Once you put a pin with an affiliate link, those pins will always generate sales for you. 

You get to create product pins and use affiliate links on those pins. You have to create the product pins with strategy.

It’s time to transform that Pinterest profile into a money maker. 


Let’s get to it.

Home Décor Niche

1. Joybird

Joybird offers décor and furniture, including chairs, sofas, tables, bedroom furniture, decorative items, and storage furniture.

Customers have tons of colors and fabrics to choose from, and then their item is made based on the choice made.

All items made on Joybird are ideal for pets and family as they are spill-resistant. They even offer a one-year at-home trial period on all items and free 14-day returns.

They also have lifetime warranties on offer.

Commission: 15%

Cookie Window: 60 Days

Joybird is one of the best affiliate programs because you can customize the products to fit one’s taste. 

What’s more?

Their return policy is favorable.

With Joybird, you get to enjoy the best commission rate and cookie windows in the niche.

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2. Wayfair

Wayfair offers some excellent budget-friendly options and great prices too. 

It has a massive list of outdoor furniture, bath, kitchen, bed items, decorative items, rugs, storage items, kids and baby items.

It also has lighting and pet products.

Commission: 7%

Cookie Window: 7 Days

Given the variety of products at Wayfair, an affiliate marketer is spoilt for choice with the products they can choose to market. 

The affordable prices of the products also make them easy to convert. 

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3. Designer Living  

Designer Living offers home décor and furniture from top home décor brands. 

Categories of the products include window, bath, bed, outdoor, youth, rugs, and pets.

Products from this store come from INK+IVY, Bombay, Natori, Madison Part, and so much more.

Commission: 10% 

Cookie Window: 30 Days

For the audience that loves designer stuff, this is one of the best affiliate programs that suit their needs. 

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4. Belle & June  

Belle & June is a home décor store. It has over 7000 products from renowned designers in the home décor niche. 

Some of the designers include Pacifica Connections, Zentique, Mode Living, Coasta Nova, and Arte Italica.

Product categories include bath accents, furniture, tabletop, furniture, child and baby, and gifts.

Commission: 12%

Cookie Window:  30 Days

Belle & June is great for affiliate marketing. It offers decent commissions in the home décor niche.

Average orders can be from $250 – $500. It, therefore, translates to $30 – $50 commissions for every sale. 

Great, right?

They also add new products each new month, and most of the products offered online are not available at the physical store.

Thus, this gives you some exclusivity.

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5. Rug Source 

Rug Source boasts of over 11,000 products in their store. They include Persian, Oriental, antique, modern floor rugs. 

Commission: 20%

Cookie Window: 180 Days

It is one of the most sought after affiliate programs. The commission for selling their rugs is pretty decent. Their cookie window is also generous.

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Another best niche for Pinterest affiliate marketing is the travel niche. There are four affiliate programs you can put into consideration.

1. TripAdvisor 

TripAdvisor gives reviews of things you can engage in in a locality. It also helps you book hotels.

TripAdvisor also offers vacation packages, and you can make hotel reservations.

Commission: 50% Minimum

Cookie Window: 14 Days

One great thing about TripAdvisor is you are paid whether a booking has been made or not. You earn every single time someone clicks TripAdvisor through your site.

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2. Booking.com


Booking.com has a vast selection of online accommodation, including hotels, homes, flights, airport taxis, car rentals, tree houses, trains, etc.

It is the most recognized platform worldwide for online accommodation booking.

Commissions depend on the number of bookings made through your site in a month. They range from 25% going upwards.

You can find more information about the commissions here.

Cookie Window: On closing of the browser

Affiliates can make use of WordPress Plugin. It helps you to add the Booking.com search box to your website.

It offers you an incredible booking feature for your site.

The plugin gives you plenty of customizing options that seamlessly fit into your website. 

You also choose which properties you want to be displayed on your site.

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3. Travelpayouts

It is a CPA travel affiliate program. Travelpayouts offers hotels, flights, tours, activities, car rental, as well as travel insurance. 

Commission: Upto 80% (On average 6% on hotel bookings and 1.6% on flights) 

Cookie Window: 30 Days

Travelpayouts affiliate program is easy to create. You also get to customize your widgets for your site.

They also offer lots of training for their affiliates, thus improving their performance.

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4. Agoda  

Agoda offers bookings for resorts, hotels, private villas, bungalows, homes, and apartments in the entire world.

They have over 250,000 properties that spoil you for choice in your selection.

Commission: Up to 60% (The more bookings you sell, the higher the commissions)

Cookie Window: Unknown

It is among the best affiliate programs on Pinterest because of its high commissions.

You also get to increase your commissions even up to 300% using hotel power ads.

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Internet Marketing & Design

The internet marketing and design niche is congested. That notwithstanding, it has plenty of money-making affiliate programs.

Let’s dig in.

1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a CRM solution as well as sales automation all put together into one software.

It also involves marketing automation and email marketing.

ActiveCampaign is one of the best email software in the market because it is easy to use. 

It is also robust in its use in internet marketing.

Commissions: 20% – 30% recurrent on monthly basis

Cookie Window: 90 Days

ActiveCampaign is an excellent software in the market and one of the best affiliate programs in the market.

You get to earn recurrent commissions every month as long as your referrals are active. 

The more effort you put in, the more you earn. 

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2. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels works as a sales funnel creator. It makes it easy to create funnels and web pages that capture leads and, in return, convert them. 

Commission: 30% – 40% (For both recurrent and one-off products)

Cookie Window: Sticky cookie (Lifetime)  

If you are in the internet marketing niche, then this is the affiliate program for you. 

They have a wide selection of products you can choose from ranging from free to high ticket

Here’s the catch.

The products cost thousands of dollars. You will have a lifetime of earnings on what your referrals purchase.

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3. Canva

Affiliate marketing on pinterest Canva

Canva is one of the best graphic software’s online.  It is used by people who are not graphic designers. 

Anyone can create great graphics using this tool, and they will look like they have been done by a professional.

Commission: $6.95 for signing up on free trial

If you sign up for paid subscription;

  • $12.95 for a pro subscription per month
  • $30 for pro subscription annually

Cookie Window: 30 Days

Canva has a fantastic strategy to offer you $6.95 just for a free trial sign-up you refer.

You get more commission if those who have signed up for the free trial upgrade to a paid plan.

Definitely, this is an excellent way to make money since Canva is widespread and can easily convert.

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4. Wix

Wix provides one of the easiest ways to build a website. It gives you the freedom to design your website just like you want it.

Wix gives you the ability for search engine optimization, as well as eCommerce capability. 

Commission: $ 100 per sale

Cookie Window: 30 Days

How great is the commission?

It is every affiliate marketer’s dream to get a $100 payout per sale. 

You could earn a perfect living even if you got to market for Wix only.

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5. Tailwind

Tailwind is a time-saver tool for marketing that is available for both Instagram and Pinterest. 

While using Pinterest, it allows you to schedule your pins in bulk and publish them during high traffic hours.

You also get to join tribes, thus increasing the exposure; you set the pins to be reposted depending on the times you choose.

When you are done with all that, you can track the success of the work done.

Commission: Recurring 15%

Cookie Window: 90 Days

Tailwind is another fantastic affiliate marketing program due to its recurring commissions. 

They also offer incentives such as bonuses for first-time website creators and special bonuses from promotions.

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Crafts & DIY

There are fantastic affiliate programs to choose from in the DIY niche.

Let us look at some of them you could consider.

1. Mister Art

Not only is it the very first online art store, but Mister Art is also the most prominent online supplier for arts and crafts in the world.

From airbrushing, adhesives, ceramics, drafting, and drawing.

To framing, scrapbooking, sculpting, and so many more, you are sure to find what you need.

Commission: 10%

Cookie Window: 30 Days

Mister Art gives discounts of up to 50% from time to time. It provides you with a chance to save your customers some money.

The result?

They will adore you for it.

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2. Zazzle  

Zazzle provides you with a platform where you get to create whatever your heart desires. 

It could be fabrics, pillows, T-shirts, invitations, banners, stickers, puzzles, mugs, stationery, paper plates, and magnets.

You can also make playing cards, wrapping papers, tote bags, laptop sleeves, stuffed animals, bibs, iPhone cases, and so many more.

Commission: 15%-17% depending on the volume bonus

Cookie Window: 45 Days

Zazzle is endearing to any associate because of its decent commissions. You can also link easily any product you like.

You will enjoy marketing for this one!

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3. Scrapbook.com


 Scrapbook.com offers over 50,000 products for papercraft and scrapbooking. 

You will get access to albums, adhesives, cutouts, embellishments, card making, templates, storage kits, and so many more.

Commission: 10% – 20% 

Cookie Window: 30 Days

Scrapbook.com is among the best affiliate programs for Pinterest due to its variety of products.

It’s also good that most of its products are exclusive to that store before they get to any other store.

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Food & Drink

The Food & Drink niche is one of the biggest niches in the world and on Pinterest.


Humans love to eat and cannot live without food. Some of the affiliate programs for this niche are;

1. Thrive Market

Thrive Market is an online store that focuses mainly on the sale of healthy groceries.

It boasts of over 6000 organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan products. The prices are 20%-50% below the listed price. 

Thus, shoppers manage to save $30 on every order for groceries.

Commission: $20 for every sign-up

Cookie Window: 7 Days

Thrive Market is a good fit for this affiliate marketing program for its health benefits and the free membership offers.

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2. Farm Foods

Farm Foods focuses on the delivery of meat to its customers. It specializes in beef that is 100% fed on grass. 

They also have on offer chicken, pork, lamb, duck, seafood, and even elk. Farm Foods ships its products worldwide for free. 

What’s the catch?

You have to make a minimum of 10-pound orders from them. 

What is unique about their service is that you can create your order and choose the farm where you want your order to come from.

Commission: 15%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

What makes this affiliate program worth the try is that it provides quality to its audience. 

They also have a reasonable conversion rate which increases with the increase in your customers.

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Hair & Beauty

Most of Pinterest’s audiences are women. Thus, the hair and beauty niche will thrive on this platform. 

Affiliate programs suitable for this niche are as follows.

1. Integrity Botanicals

Integrity Botanicals is well known for its organic and natural beauty products. 

They have over 60 varieties of products in body care, skincare, makeup, baby care, hair care, men, wellness, and gifts.

Commission: 10% 

Cookie Window: 30 Days

If your audiences love organic stuff, then this is the affiliate program to put into consideration. 

They also give free samples to encourage future orders.

Who doesn’t love free stuff anyway?

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2. SkinCareRx

SkinCareRx provides dermatology-grade products for skincare, devices, and beauty tools. 

They sell the following brands: IS clinical, Dermalogica, NuFace, SkinCeuticals, Natura Bisse, and SkinMedica. 

Commission: 20%

Cookie Window: 14 Days

SkinCareRx works with its affiliates on an individual basis in the promotion of its products. 

They will offer tips on how to promote their products. The more the clicks, the higher the conversion rates.

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Parenting & Kids

Many parents check out Pinterest for ideas of various things for kids. Below are some of the best affiliate programs on parenting and kids.

1. Revelae Kids

Revelae kids encourage a healthy lifestyle through play, bath time, snack, and nap time. 

The products they have to offer make these times more fun for kids and easier for the parents.

Commission: 20%

Cookie Window: 30 Days

The Revelae Kids customers will love the products they have to offer. Plus, the commissions are not that bad for an affiliate marketer.

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2. 7Sisters

7Sisters brings the homeschooling experience to the whole world. It focuses on programs such as curriculum, coaching, and encouragement.

Commission: 40%

Cookie Window: 90 Days

Without a doubt, it is one best products to market in the parenting and kids’ niche. 

You can make some perfect money with this platform. 

7Sisters also offers seasonal offers and promotions that affiliates can take advantage of for quick conversions.

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Quick question:-

So, how do I become an affiliate on Pinterest?

Read on to find out.

  1. Know the guidelines – Get your affiliate marketing guidelines from the FTC, Pinterest, and your affiliate program.
  2. Research the platform – You will need to identify if Pinterest is the right platform for the content you would like to promote. It will help you figure out the best niches for Pinterest.
  3. Optimize your content and profile on Pinterest – You need to set your profile to rank well on the search engines. It will reduce your workload as you get deeper into affiliate marketing.
  4. Build your audience – You can quickly grow your audience on Pinterest rather than on most social media platforms. 
  5. Create very highquality affiliate marketing content – Provide a mix of informational content with inspirational pins in it.
  6. Know what is working and what is not – Perform an analysis to know whether content agrees with your marketing strategy.  Set up Google Analytics for tracking your pins. 
  7. Put your Pinterest profile on autopilot – Lastly, schedule your pins and let your profile run itself. Upload all the graphics you need to put to use then you’ll be good to go.

For a detailed look at how to become an affiliate with Pinterest, check this out.

I know what you’re thinking now.

Is Pinterest good for affiliate marketing?

Definitely, it is. If you are aiming at generating passive income, Pinterest affiliate marketing is the way to go. 

You get to use the power of Pinterest to drive traffic to your site. 

Do you need a website for you to qualify as an affiliate marketer on Pinterest? What are the affiliate programs for Pinterest without a website?

Once you succeed in joining the affiliate marketing programs, create pins that suit your targeted audience.

Make sure you link the pins directly to the affiliate website so that you can get your commission once a sale is made through your site.

I recommend that you sign up for the affiliate programs listed here and begin to make money on Pinterest, even without a blog.

That’s not all.

You can check out some of the fashion affiliate programs for Pinterest. It will give you options of fashion affiliate programs you can directly work with.

Some of the best niches for Pinterest affiliate marketing are travel, home décor, internet marketing, and design. 

Others include crafts and DIY, food and drink, kids and parenting, and hair and beauty.

Wrapping It Up 

I hope you have found some great insight about the Pinterest affiliate programs you can take into consideration. 

If you loved the post, remember to share it to help other people out.

Feel free to share with me what you think. Do you know other affiliate programs that would work well with Pinterest?

Let me know!

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