How to Earn Money On Facebook $500 Every Day (11 Simple Ways)

Are you wondering how to earn money on Facebook, $500 every day?

It’s easy. All you need to get started is a computer with good Wi-Fi and a Facebook account.

Facebook offers you various ways to make money while keeping in touch with your friends and family.

What does making $500 every day mean? It can mean having ten people pay you $50 each or earning $250 from two people. 

Why Facebook

Facebook is the fourth most popular site in the world after Google and YouTube. 

Therefore, the platform gives you a chance to tap into its over two billion subscribers. Plus, Facebook has a global audience, giving you a wider reach.

The beauty of Facebook is that it has various tools through which you can earn.

If you want to learn how to make money using Facebook step by step, we’ll show you how.

 How Can I Make $500 In A Day?

 1. Use Your Network to Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer

As an affiliate marketer, you advertise a product or brand for a company. You do this by promoting the product to your contacts through groups or pages.

This method is easy because the people you’re selling to are mostly your family and friends who trust you.

To get the most out of this method, avoid overselling. Instead, try to post various updates and see what people are interested in and get their attention. Once you have their attention, they are more likely to click on your links.

To get started, you can join an affiliate marketing program.

Merchants such as Amazon and Flipkart will pay you to promote their products on your Facebook page.

You earn a commission every time a person buys a product using your affiliate link.

A good example is ShareASale, where you earn a 7% commission for every sale.

2.  How to Earn Money On the Facebook Page

You are probably already a fan of a page, and you’re wondering how to make money on the Facebook page.

The first step is to create a page around something you’re passionate about, for example, gardening or pets.

However, creating a page with a massive following is not a walk in the park. You can consider this a long term option.

Once you have enough followers, you can make money by posting sponsored content on the page. Landing such content is not hard once your page goes viral and there are many shares and comments.

The key to running a successful Facebook page is first to find the relevant audience. Then, ensure your cover photo is attractive, as this is what will draw people in. 

A good Facebook page has a detailed “About” section. Avoid generalization and be as descriptive as possible but get to the point.

Also, have a call-to-action button, for example, “sign up”. If you have linked your page to your website, this is an excellent way to drive traffic.

Once the page is up, post relevant content regularly. Remember not to overdo it. The key is to get the right frequency. Using a social media calendar can help you plan better.

Take advantage of tools such as one on the Facebook interface to schedule your posts to avoid being overwhelmed or missing out on a post.

Apart from sponsored content, you can sell your products on your page.

Finally, comment, comment, and comment on your readers’ posts.

3. Leverage On Facebook Groups

Most Facebook users are members of one group or the other. From weight loss to seller groups, you can make $500 a day by selling items to these group members.

The beauty of joining such a group is that most have a common goal, making it easier for you to get your target market.

Alternatively, if you are the kind who easily draws crowds, create your group. Owning a group requires you to popularize it and grow its membership to reap from it. 

earn money on Facebook

You can earn money as the group’s admin or through sponsored content.

If you have an eCommerce website or YouTube channel, the group can help you drive traffic.

You can do this by sharing the links in your group posts or comments. Group members might also reshare your links. High traffic can result in a bigger audience, converted into sales for your website or channel. 

4. Let the Ads Do the Talking

As a business with a Facebook page, this is one way to increase your visibility and make sales. 

Corporates and individuals use Facebook ads to target specific groups, depending on location, age, and other factors.

Facebook offers free and paid-for packages, meaning this feature is also ideal for small businesses to advertise.

Compared to traditional advertising methods such as TV and billboards, Facebook has a lower cost per result. 

For starters, you need to identify the objective of your campaign. For instance, if your goal is to convert clicks into an online sale, Facebook will show the ad to your target audience.

Alternatively, big companies can pay you to post adverts on their behalf if they prefer to remain anonymous, especially those looking to hire.

Monitoring your visitor activity will help you make more targeted Facebook ads.

If you’re creative, companies can hire you to create ads for them.

5. Sell In-Demand Products On Facebook MarketPlace

Facebook offers a marketplace for free to all its members to sell goods, services, or deals. As of 2019, 800 million people were using Facebook monthly.

When you want to sell something on the marketplace, please take a photo of the item and post it. Make sure your post is public. Those in and out of the marketplace can see a public listing.

The trick to ensuring your items are flying off the shelf is to make your description as detailed as possible. For instance, say how long you have used an item, its color, and its origin.

Buyers can search items on the marketplace based on factors such as location and posting time and message you if interested. However, Facebook does not facilitate payment, and you have to plan for the delivery yourself.

Because Facebook doesn’t have a built-in payment system, you can use other methods like PayPal.

Remember to mark a sold item once it’s off the shelves to avoid confusing buyers.

Check out these steps on how to sell an item on the market place. 

6. Become an Influencer

To crack this niche of influencer marketing on Facebook, you must have a massive number of followers. Building such a following requires you to post high-quality content that draws in crowds.

Companies looking for influencers check your reach and engagement rate to determine whether you’re a good fit for their business.

earn money on Facebook

You have a higher chance of succeeding if you master a specific niche, for example, automobiles or fashion.

As an influencer, you can get money through sponsorships or sponsored content. Companies will pay you for posting their product or content.

7. How to Earn Money on Facebook Videos

Does Facebook pay you for views? 

Although Facebook doesn’t split the revenue with video creators, you can still indirectly make money from the platform.

How? The first way is by placing a video on Facebook that has sponsored content. In this way, you can earn money through the content you help advertise.

You can also monetize videos by having ads in some videos.

However, Facebook has criteria for those seeking to earn from videos. One is that you should always publish three-minute videos.

The videos must:

  • Be published on a page, not profile
  • Be published on a page with at least 10,000 followers
  • Have 30,000 one-minute views

8. Sell Facebook Likes, Shares, And Comments

How do you earn money on Facebook by clicking ‘like’? Although this method remains controversial, it’s still one way to earn $500 a day on Facebook. 

The controversy arises because people don’t see businesses that buy likes, comments, and shares as having genuinely built their brand.

To earn from this strategy, an individual, brand, or company hires you to get more people to like their page. So, as a seller, you get Facebookers together to like the page or share its posts or comment on them to grow the audience.

Several sellers also advertise likes, comments, and shares on Fiverr if you want to buy this for your business. More likes, comments, and shares increase your business visibility and, in turn, can lead to more sales.

Alternatively, you can also buy from cheap sources and resell them at a higher price to profit.

9. Earn from Your Skills

This strategy is more like selling goods; only you offer services.

Depending on your skills, you can choose the kind of services to offer. For instance, you can offer graphic design or writing services.

To do this successfully, you might need to create targeted ads.

Additionally, you can join groups where people in need of your skills are likely to be found.

Once you’re a member, scan through the posts of other sellers and research what interests the buyers.

The research will help you create an attractive post for your services. The beauty of this option is that you can improve your services by reading the comments for feedback.

Becoming a Freelance Writer Without Experience (Step-by-Step Guide)

10. Help Build Brands as A Digital Marketer

Digital marketing services are in demand due to the competitive online space.

You can do simple tasks such as handling social media posts and company pages. If you quickly develop creative concepts, you can also create memes for companies or individuals to increase their visibility. 

The advantage of this option is you can handle more than one client at any given time, increasing your earnings.

As a digital marketer, you can advertise your services on Facebook through a post or targeted ad.

However, if you want to earn more as a digital marketer, you might need a digital marketing experience.

How? You can start by training on managing social media pages. Although there are many online courses you could take, Facebook also offers some digital marketing training.

11. Create Courses That Sell

The business margins for selling courses on Facebook can be as high as 90%, making this a worthy venture.

Look for a skill you’re good at and make an online course such as “How to be a closer in sales”. Hopefully, your course will be popular enough to earn you some good money.

To crack the online course sales, you have to start with research. Find out what the market needs by joining relevant Facebook groups. It also helps to check what your would-be competitors are selling.

As with any online course, your selling point must be the outcome. People will only pay for a course that outlines the results, such as the skills they will learn or the challenges they will have overcome by the end of it all.

Facebook allows you to do target marketing, which means you can easily sell your course to the right people.

How Much Can You Get Paid from Facebook?

The amount of money you can make from Facebook depends on a variety of factors.

For instance, you can get paid to drive traffic to a client’s website. 

Therefore, you can agree with a company to pay you $8 for every set of 1,000 likes. The company pays you to post links or images on your Facebook that go back to their site. That’s how to earn money from Facebook page likes.

The good news is that the client provides the highly-engaging content, and it only takes you a few minutes to post on your Facebook.

If you’re selling items on the Facebook marketplace, the amount of money you make depends on the product’s cost and the number of sales. 

Further, should you choose the Facebook page or group route, you can earn as much as the client is willing to pay for sponsored content, ads, and clicks.

When it comes to video views, you can earn $2 to $3 per 1-minute view. However, you must make at least $100 in revenue to get a payout.

Pinterest is also another alternative to Facebook.

Check this out Pinterest Perfection Masterclass if you want to learn all about Pinterest.

Earn from Facebook Now

Whichever option you pick, you can easily make money, $500 every day on Facebook.

All you have to do is sign up for a Facebook account for free and get started.

Most of the methods don’t require any capital or skills, meaning you can start now.

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