How to Get Free Money in Your Steam Wallet Every Month

The idea of free money can be a fantastic concept. It is one thing to earn a bit of cash, but it is even better if you can do this for free.

Fortunately, there are apps and websites available that will let you do just that.

As long as you work hard at them, you could end up with a bit more money to spend on your Steam games.

In fact, there are even apps that will spice things up by rewarding you for doing some relatively simple and fun activities. These may include solving puzzles or taking surveys, among other things.

All of these apps allow you to redeem the points for free game codes in the form of Steam Wallet Codes.

It means that you can just keep the money in your Steam wallet and use it to buy games at any time. 

But before we get into all of the free apps and websites available, let us quickly know if it’s legit.

Is free Steam Wallet codes legit?

The Steam wallet codes code offers to give you free money. Some may be skeptical about it, and they might wonder if it actually works or not.

First of all, the website does look professional enough and has many positive reviews on Google. So that makes us believe that you won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for free Steam Wallet Codes.

What are the requirements to claim free Steam Wallet Codes?

There are various apps available that will reward you with points or money for completing specific tasks. However, there is one thing that all of the following apps have in common:

You must sign up first and provide correct information about yourself before entering your email and the Steam ID of the account you want to use it on.

What kind of tasks can I earn money with?

There are several ways to earn points on these apps and websites. The most popular way is by taking surveys, which usually reward users with 1-5 cents per survey. However, there are also other options available such as watching videos or completing offers.

Apps That Give Free Steam Codes

Some numerous apps and websites will let you earn points when you perform certain activities.

When you gather enough of these points, you can then redeem them as Steam Codes if you don’t want to withdraw as cash.

The following are apps that you can join to earn Steam Cash for free:

1. InboxDollars

Inbox dollars is a website that will pay you to take surveys, watch videos and shop online. You have the option of receiving your earnings as cash, gift cards, or Steam Codes.

As soon as you fill out your profile information, they will send you $5 just for joining!

1) Sign up at InboxDollars, then complete your profile information. After that, you’ll see that $5 is already in your account!

2) You then have the option to click on tasks where there are green circles with dollar signs. These will lead you into activities that InboxDollars thinks you’ll like to take surveys, watch videos, shop online, and a lot more.

3) Each activity has points associated with it, which you can see when you hover over the green dollar sign circle. When you finish an activity or click on another one, your points will be updated in real-time. You can withdraw your points into cash once you have at least 1350 (Amazon gift card) or 1750 (Paypal).

4) On the other hand, you can also choose to redeem your points for Steam Codes. The amount of cash equivalent it takes to get a Steam Code depends on how much you’ve collected already (e.g., if you have over 1350 points, then it will take you $1.75 to get a Steam Code).

5) Most of the tasks on InboxDollars are fun and enjoyable, so don’t worry about having to do boring ones for the sole purpose of earning money like other similar websites. You’ll also earn more points when you refer potential members because that is an activity you can also do.

2. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel works similarly to InboxDollars. The only difference is that, instead of watching videos and taking surveys, you can win prizes from participating in different activities online such as playing games or trying out free samples.

1) To join, you just have to enter your email address and then select your preferred prize (The available options are cars, computers, tablets, and many more!). You can also choose to have your prizes sent as Steam Codes.

2) PrizeRebel ranks you based on the number of entries you’ve won. Getting higher positions will earn you bonus points as well!

3) You can refer others for an additional 100 points per referral.

4) With a total of over 1000 rewards available, there are plenty of possible ways to earn points so you’ll never run out soon. You can also opt not to redeem any prize and instead have your earnings sent as cash or Steam Codes (which is 100% secure).

3. Rakuten Rewards

Rakuten rewards lets you earn points by shopping online. You’ll earn 5% cashback for every $1 you spend, and as soon as you reach the minimum cashback of $5, your earnings will be available for withdrawal as a Steam Code or via Paypal (which can also be withdrawn into a bank account).

1) You can then go to the rewards page and click on “redeem” to see your points.

2) Once you reach 5% cashback, your earnings will be available after a few days. There are no restrictions on redeeming at all, so you can click whenever you want!

3) Rakuten gives out free samples and coupons, and you’ll earn extra points for each of them. In fact, several of the items on your cart will give you additional points!

4) You can also refer friends to earn 100% cashback from all their purchases (e.g., if they shop for cashback, let’s $50, you get $50)!

Referring other members and accumulating cashback can earn you free Steam Codes, too!

4. GrabPoints

GrabPoints functions like a typical money-making website, but the difference is that it lets you earn points by watching videos and taking surveys. 1) Receive $1 just for signing up!

2) You can use the search bar at the top to find videos or survey topics that you’d like to participate in. Clicking on the task will load a new page with more information about it.

3) After you’ve finished watching or taking the survey, click on “submit” to update your points.

4) You can then redeem your points for Steam Codes as soon as you have at least $2 worth of earnings available in your account!

5. let’s you earn points for watching videos or playing games (there are tons of them, so there will be plenty of choices). You can also play a fun game called Strip Guess after clicking on it from the homepage to win extra points if you’re lucky!

1) Your account will allow you to play all the games without any restrictions, but if you want to earn even more points, view videos, or sign up for a free trial of something, then your account will expire after 24 hours. If you prefer not to have an expiration date on your account at all, then eBonus is also one of the few websites that let you earn points for watching videos outside of your account!

2) When you’re on the homepage, click “earn more now” and then pick one activity from one category. Depending on which game or video you choose, it will give you anywhere from 10 – 100 points right away.

3) You can refer other users to earn an additional 500 points when you’re invited successfully. There are also bonus offers that give you a chance to earn extra points for each referral, so if one of your referrals subscribes, then YOUR account will get extended!

4) You can withdraw in two different values: $5 or $10. If you want the full $10, then you’ll need to survey at least once. You don’t have to complete it all in one sitting, though!

5) Once your account expires, or if you’re trying to redeem points from a different device, just click “register an account” and put in the email and password that you used to create your account originally.

6) You can withdraw as Steam Codes or as Paypal cash up to $10 every time. There are no fees, but it takes a few days for the money to go through.

6. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a website that actually pays you just for watching videos and taking surveys. You can even earn points for each of the services that you sign up for!

1) Receive a $5 bonus just for signing up!

2) After you’ve signed in, click on “earn more now” and choose one of the activities from the categories. You can adjust how much time you want to spend on each of them, so if you’re short on time, just do one that takes less than the default value.

3) It will show you how long it expects for you to complete the activity (e.g., watch a video or survey), and when it is finished, click “complete activity” to be rewarded with your points.

4) Every once in a while, Swagbucks will release surveys that pay out big! Don’t forget to claim your free daily gift (it’s usually a $5 Walmart e-code or an Amazon gift card for You). You can also refer friends and earn more Swagbucks as a reward.

5) There is a $10 minimum cash-out but can withdraw as Paypal or Steam Codes. Just like eBonus, you must register a different device to redeem those points on the other!

6) You can choose from several different payment options when you’re ready to cash out: Paypal, Amazon gift cards, Target Gift Cards, and Walmart e-codes are just a few of the other options available.

7. PointsPrizes

Points Prizes is a website that will let you earn points for watching videos. They also have some really awesome games where it helps you earn up to 300 times more too!

You can earn points by playing games on the site after you’ve signed up. After that, you can then redeem them for Paypal cash, or if you prefer to get Steam Codes, then you’ll have to follow these steps:

1) First, sign in and go to your account page. Then click “redeem offers” and “add offers.”

2) Select Steam Wallet, then paste the code they give you to redeem it.

3) It will show up as pending for a little bit, but once your account reaches a reasonable amount of points, they will be sent off to you! You can withdraw as much as you want. There’s also no minimum withdrawal amount.

4) You can earn even more points by referring friends and signing up for related offers, so get referrals from people you know!

8. is another site that will pay you for watching videos and surveys in exchange for points to redeem as Paypal cash or even Steam Wallet codes!

1) Create your account, then log in and click on “earn more now.” Select one of the options available (they usually offer 5-15 each day).

2) For each offer, you will have to complete the task at hand. Remember that if you don’t have enough time (or simply want more points), then you can adjust how much time it takes for YOU to complete the activity. After a few minutes or an hour (depending on your preferences), click “complete activity” to earn your points.

3) You will see a list of the activities you have completed and how many points they are worth. When you reach $5, click on “redeem now.” Choose Paypal or Steam Wallet Codes as the payment option. It can take a few days for the cash to be sent to you, but you can also withdraw as Steam Codes.

4) If you want more points, then try referring your friends! You’ll receive extra points for each person that signs up under you. The referral link is on the “invite friends” page, and the first task will tell you how many more invites you’ll receive for that specific offer.

5) You can also earn points by taking surveys on the site. When you see one, click on it and complete the questions to be given more points.

9. GiftHulk

Gift H.u.l.k is yet another site that will pay you for watching videos and taking surveys in exchange for points to redeem as Paypal cash or Steam Wallet codes!

1) First, create your account and complete the first task so that you can receive a bunch of free points! Next, log in and click on “earn more now.” Select one of their offers and complete it.

2) Depending on the offer, it can take anywhere from minutes to hours, BUT you will earn points for every second that passes, so keep that in mind! After a while (usually 1 hour), click “complete activity” to get your points.

3) You’ll see how many points you earned for that specific offer. Keep in mind that there is no limit to the amount of offers you can make per day, so you can click on a bunch of them until your account reaches $5.

4) Once it does, select PayPal or Steam Wallet Codes as your payment option, and you’ll be good to go!

5) If you want more points, then try referring your friends! You can earn additional points for each person that signs up under you (you can click on the “your referral link” at the top of the page when you log in).

10. Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon is an awesome site where you can buy pretty much anything from video games to clothes and c.o.d too!

1) You will earn $2 automatically just for signing up (it’s a bonus credit so that it won’t be redeemed). Then, you can follow this guide on how to get free Amazon gift cards and free points, including a video on how to use them.

2) You can also get gift cards just for playing games! Here’s an amazing site that shows you different easy ways to earn Amazon gift codes (including browser games which only take minutes).

3) You can buy pretty much anything from Amazon, so when you do have points… you could even buy yourself a brand new game!


Steam Wallet Codes are a great way to add cash to your steam account.

Some numerous apps and sites will pay you for watching videos, completing surveys, and even playing games! Just follow the steps above, and you’ll be able to have a nice balance on your steam account without ever spending money yourself!

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