How to Make Money Posting Ads On Social Media(Avoid Scammers)

No matter your experience or education level, you can earn from social media ads.

But, the key question is how to make money posting ads on social media.

Don’t fret. This article will show exactly how to earn money from ads and what you need to get started.

Although there are scammers out there, the internet is still full of genuine websites and apps from which you can make money.

One thing to remember is that if an advertising program asks you to pay, it’s a scam.

The first step to avoid falling prey to scammers is to research the company and see if they have positive reviews. Stay away from those with negative reviews and those without contacts.

A few other concerns are…

Does Posting Links Really Make Money?

You can earn from posting links, whether on social media or your blog or website. All you have to do is grow your followers to create a sizable audience.

Make Money Online Posting Ads 25 Dollars for Each One

With this method, you can either join an affiliate marketing program or an online job site. 

The company pays you a referral fee for every buyer or a commission for any product a client buys through your link.

To get started, check out these platforms such as Paying Social Media Jobs.

Is Posting Ads On Social Media a Real Job?

Yes, you can make money from posting ads on social media. The good news is that you don’t need any experience or educational background. 

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Social media ads have become the norm as more companies move from the traditional advertising models to pursue their buyers online.

Make $200 A Day by Posting Ads

As long as you put in the work, you can earn $200 daily by posting ads. 

One way is the pay-per-click method on Facebook. A client pays you depending on the number of clicks on their link posted on your page.

What Companies Will Pay Me to Advertise?

Although several firms will pay you to advertise for them, you can settle on any company willing to split a commission with you.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies would be a great place to start. Companies like Doterra and Advocare, which sell one line of products, can pay you to advertise.

But, MLMs have a shaky reputation of not being trustworthy, which can cost you, clients. So, only work for companies of good standing.

Another way is to sign up with websites such as the Amazon associates program and other affiliate firms, which pay a commission for every product bought.

Get Paid to Post On Social Media

1.  Get Paid to Post Ads/Advertise On Facebook

Can you really make money posting ads on Facebook?

Yes, you can earn money from posting ads on Facebook. To make money, you have to put in the effort, and you must beware of get-rich-quick schemes. Beware of scammers who make it sound easy.

You can earn through:

Sponsored posts 

Companies pay you to write a message to promote their brand. The key here is to ensure your content is beneficial to your followers. This way, it’s easier to convert clicks into sales.

Apart from this, you can use Facebook to make money indirectly. In such a case, you post sponsored content on your blog or website and use Facebook to drive traffic.

Display ads on Google AdSense or Mediavine

Google AdSense is one of the ad networks that pay you to post ads on your site. It can either pay you every time somebody clicks on the ad or the number of ad views. 

To leverage this option, you can set up a blog or website and link it to your Facebook page. Why? The Facebook page will help drive traffic to your blog or website for more clicks and views.

Alternatively, you can use Mediavine, whose users say it pays better than Google AdSense.

While it is easier to get accepted into Google AdSense, Mediavine requires you to do 50,000 sessions per month on the lower side.

But, it works much like AdSense, and you can use Facebook to drive traffic to your blog or website.


You can share links to advertise a product or brand on Facebook. 

One way to do this is through an affiliate link, where you get a commission for every purchase.

You have first to set up a Facebook page to start earning. 

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2. Get Paid to Post Ads On Instagram

If you have an Instagram account, you can make money posting ads on your page.

One of the networks that can hook you up with advertisers is Influenz, but you must have at least 5,000 followers.

You can earn from $10 upwards for each of the ads you post on Instagram or more if you have many followers. For instance, those who have 6,000 to 10,000 followers can make $88 per post on average.

The trick here is to increase the number of followers so that advertisers chase you.

3.  Get Paid to Put Ads On Twitter

Twitter advertising can also be your go-to to make money on social media. 

All you need to do is set up a Twitter account and build a following. How? Post relevant content on your Twitter page. You can also check what’s trending and use a hashtag to boost your visibility.

Take advantage of your huge following to make cash by being paid to post products or services.

In general, you could earn $10 per tweet ad on Twitter as a beginner.

Some of the helpful advertising networks are:

PaidPerTweet – Advertisers get access to millions of top Twitter users to promote their brand. The amount you earn can go up to $10,000, depending on your audience size. – Here, the advertisers choose you for their campaigns. The advertisers pay you a lump sum, not per click. As part of the agreement, you send a specified number of tweets at a specific time.

Sponsored Tweets – You choose the ads you want to tweet from a list and set your own price for every click. But, it applies to those with at least 50 followers and have posted 100 tweets. Your account must also be at least 60 days old. 

MyLikes – With this platform, you can earn $0.42 per click. You choose the ads and schedule when you want to tweet the ad from your account. 

To keep the money coming, be careful not to overdo the tweet-ads. If people feel you’re spamming them, they could unfollow you.

4. Make Money Placing Ads On Pinterest

As the biggest social media platform for sharing images and pins, placing ads on Pinterest is a great way to make money.

Like most social media platforms, you need to have a huge audience for advertisers to notice you. The huge following is especially key if you want to do a joint promotion with a brand.  

Clients place ads on your Pinterest, which can help drive traffic to their websites. As the account owner, you have to create awesome pins that advertise the client’s products.

But, make sure that the pins resonate with your followers. For instance, if you’re into nutrition, you could advertise for companies that sell diet eBooks.

Alternatively, you could link your Pinterest account to your blog to make money. Put the ads on your blog and use Pinterest to drive traffic. It’s possible to earn at least $6 per 1,000 page views.

Some of the things to note down when creating pins include the concept, photography, brand placement, and design.

 You can start by signing up for a Pinterest business account

5.  Get Paid to Post Ads On YouTube

With YouTube, the only way to monetize your videos is through Google Adsense.

YouTube has some requirements you must meet before you can start earning. 

To make money from YouTube, you must join its partner program. Also, your account should have 4,000 watch hours in the past year and at least 1,000 subscribers. Then, you must create an Adsense account, which you can link to your YouTube.

To start earning, companies have to pay you to advertise on your channel. As easy as this sounds, you must work hard to grow your subscriber numbers. One way to do this is to provide quality, engaging content that will keep people signing up and staying.

Offer Your Services to Make Money Posting Ads On Social Media

6. Work as A Virtual Assistant or Social Media Manager

If you’re looking for a traditional role, getting a job as a social media manager is the way to go.

As a social media manager, you will be responsible for posting ads on the company’s social media pages. Such ads may include affiliate marketing links, pay-per-click ads, or sponsored posts.

Try your luck at Flexjobs for social media manager jobs.

Can you earn money from ads as a virtual assistant (VA)? Yes. Companies hire virtual assistants for tasks they don’t have to do themselves. Therefore, your work as a VA might be to post ads on social media on behalf of the company.  

7. Become A PPC Specialist

You can make good money as a PPC (pay-per-click) specialist because you deal with big search engines like Google and Bing.

A PPC specialist is in charge of pay-per-click advertising strategies. Your role would be to manage advertising campaigns by designing, implementing, and monitoring an ad’s performance.

Why are PPC specialists in demand? Businesses need to make the most money from advertising campaigns without having to pay millions for these. Therefore, getting a PPC specialist who knows to create just the right ad is key.

Due to this role’s requirements, you will need to be good with keyword research, design landing pages, and look out for trends.

Understanding these concepts makes it easier for you to develop an attractive advertising campaign that makes people click on ads.

The two ways to make money from this is either as a freelancer or getting a job in a firm in need of a PPC specialist.

On average, a PPC specialist can make $50,000 a year

8.  Work as A Display Ad Specialist

Can you creatively come up with content for ads? If yes, this might be the role for you.

Display ad specialists handle advertising campaigns for companies on social media or Google ads.

Your job will be to plan and implement advertising campaigns, create content for these and post the ads on social media.

To do this job, you might need experience in advertising. It might be an added advantage to have a Google Ads certification, demonstrating your online marketing expertise.

As an ad display specialist, you can either be a freelancer or work for a company. You can check Upwork for freelancing opportunities. 

9. Become an Influencer and Post Ads On Social Media

Influencer marketing is becoming common because it’s a company’s or brand’s way to tap into a specific audience.

To get paid as an influencer, you have to build a sizeable following on social media. The best way to attract followers is to find a niche you’re passionate about, post content regularly, and engage with your audience.

If you have a huge number of followers, companies will pay you to advertise. But, you can also try these websites to get clients: 

Izea for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram 

Loop 88 to make money from Pinterest

Influenz to connect you with Instagram advertisers

SponsoredTweets which is specifically for Twitter influencers

Earn Money by Posting Ads Without Investment

Don’t we all want to make money with little to no investment? The idea is to set up with zero costs but have good returns.

As good as this sounds, you have to beware of scammers out there and look for legitimate methods. 

One genuine way is to post ads on social media. From Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, you don’t need capital to start earning. Should you choose to be a freelancer or work for a company, there’s no investment involved.

Do you use or plan to use any of these methods? Share your experience with us in the comments section.

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