Ogzilla.net: The Best Way to Get Premium Apps for iOS and Android (Scam or Legit?)

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop to find premium apps for your iOS or Android device, Ogzilla.net is the site for you! They offer a wide variety of apps that can’t be found in the official AppStore, and our selection is constantly expanding.

Whether you’re looking for the latest games, productivity tools, or entertainment options, Ogzilla.net has you covered!

The FTC predicted that online fraud would be the second most reported fraud type in 2021. As a result, we’d like to examine some items, businesses, websites, apps, and so on for our readers’ financial security.

How Does Ogzilla.net Work?

Ogzilla.net is a famous third-party AppStore that offers premium apps for iOS and Android devices. However, when you go to the Ogzilla.net website to download an app or apk, you will be redirected to a fraudulent website named ‘cswsaa.com.’

This website will pretend to download the app or game selected but install malware or viruses onto your device. To avoid being scammed by this website, make sure you only download apps and games from reputable sources.

But guess what?

The download will continue until you click the DOWNLOAD button. When it’s finished, you’ll be redirected to a new page where you must download additional files. However, this is only intended to entice visitors to the suspicious website smallboi.app, where they will be prompted to download harmful applications.

+ Pros

  • You’ll find all kinds of app on the website
  • The site adds apps, games, emulators, and other modifications daily.

– Cons

  • To complete your download, you’ll need to install several additional applications.
  • The apps on ogzilla.net are not genuine.
  • Directs you to a malicious website ‘Cswaa.com’ and ‘smallboi. app’


ogzilla.net is not a safe site for downloading apps and games. It redirects users to untrustworthy websites that might be dangerous to their smartphones. In addition, the programs on ogzilla.net are not the original ones available in Playstore.

If you’ve downloaded applications from ogzilla.net, cswsaa.com, or smallboi.app on your smartphone or mobile device, you should remove them immediately. You should also change the passwords for your online accounts for security’s sake.

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