Truxx: How to Make Easy Cash by Helping People Move.

Are you looking to make some money on the side while still helping your community?

Truxx could be worth your time, especially if you have a truck or trailer. 

With an app and website to boot, Truxx helps you put your truck or trailer to great use.

If you’re wondering whether you should sign up, this article will help you decide.

The article dissects Truxx, what you need to join, how much you can make, and the advantages and downsides of using the platform.

What Is Truxx?

The Truxx mobile app links up owners of trucks, vans, and trailers with people who need transport.

It could be a person who needs to move, deliver large items, or towing services.

Founder Carlos Suarez started Truxx in June 2015. 

Carlos was inspired to start the company after seeing the transport needs of the people living around him. Most of the time, those who rented a truck needed to transport bulk items.

Those who join the Truxx platform as drivers undergo rigorous vetting. Users also rate them after service.

On its website, Truxx announces a partnership with Shop Your Way, a shopping rewards program. This deal means users can also get rewards as they use Truxx.

Is Truxx Legit?

Apart from drivers complaining that the registration process is cumbersome, everything about Truxx seems legitimate.

Its reviews online are mostly to do with app problems.

Apart from Truxx, you can also consider making money with other moving apps such as GoShare and uShip.

How Does Truxx Work?

Truxx users pay $25 for half an hour. This amount covers the vehicle and its driver. However, this is the charge if the client is loading and unloading items for themselves.

If the client wants help loading and unloading, you pay an extra $10 every half an hour.

If a customer needs more help than the driver’s, they have to part with another $30 an hour.

To make it easier for drivers to decide if they’ll take a job or have the right vehicle for it, property owners must take photos of their stuff.

Truxx charges a commission of 30%.

The good news is that drivers get a refund should they pay tolls during transport. Plus, they also hold on to any tips they receive.

Requirements to Work for Truxx?

To register for Truxx, drivers must:

  •  Be 18 years or older
  • Own a trailer or a truck
  • Have their driver’s license in order
  • Pass the driver’s background check
  • Always have a smartphone
  • Be fit enough to carry heavy items

How to Make Money On Truxx

Owners of trucks, trailers, and vans start earning by helping locals move.

To get gigs, you sign up for Truxx. 

How much money can you make on Truxx?

As a Truxx driver, you can expect to earn between $35 and $49 per hour.

If a client pays $70 hourly (when the driver is helping them load and offload), you make $49.

If a client pays $50 hourly (when they do all the loading and unloading), you make $35.

Pros of Working for Truxx

a.     Flexible time

With Truxx, you can work at whatever time is best for you.

There is no clock to punch to monitor your working hours.

This flexibility means you can do other money-making activities even as you work with Truxx.

Besides, you also get to choose where you want to work.

b.     Good pay

At the rate of between $35 and $49 per hour, you get a decent income.

The more people you help, the higher the income.

c.     Lower advertising costs

Truxx is a well-known app, meaning getting customers will be easier than doing the search yourself.

With the app, the clients come to you, saving you advertising costs.

d.      Link up with people

With Truxx, it’s not all work as you can make new friends easily.

The stops, pickups, and deliveries present an excellent opportunity to meet new people.

Cons of Working for Truxx

a.     Can be tiresome

Being on the road all the time means you rarely have downtime.

As you try to cover more miles, you might end up getting little to no rest.

Still, you need to be alert on the road to ensure safety.

b.     Risk to your vehicle

Making money with Truxx is good, but it has its risks. Although you’re covering short distances, going multiple times could expose your car to faster wear and tear.

In the long run, this could affect your income due to multiple repairs.

c.      Fluctuating income

Since some days will be busier than others, your earnings are unpredictable.

There seem to be fewer jobs in Winter and Fall. Therefore, the best time to sign up could be Spring.

d.     Fussy app

Despite the app being available on Apple and Android phones, drivers say it’s not user-friendly.

They say the app freezes whenever one is registering.

How to Sign Up with Truxx

To join the Truxx community, you download the app and register.

You can access the Truxx app on the iOS app or Android app stores.

Alternatively, you can visit the Truxx website and sign up.

New drivers provide their names, email addresses, phone numbers, cities, and states to sign up.

They also create a password and agree to Truxx’s terms and conditions to start using the app. But one can also sign up with a Facebook account.

Should You Sign Up for Truxx Today?

If you have a truck or trailer, using Truxx is an excellent idea to make money.

What’s more? By signing up, you help the local community, who usually get hitches when moving big items.

One advantage of using this app is the flexible working time as well as the decent income.

Plus, you don’t have to advertise your services because you can leverage Truxx’s good record.

However, the unpredictable pay can make it hard to plan. Worse still, the wear and tear to your vehicle could leave you counting losses.

But, you can plan your fluctuating income using these tips.

Would you consider Truxx? Let us know in the comments.

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