Website ATM a Scam? The Truth and Lies

If you’ve been searching for money-making opportunities online, you’ve probably come across Website ATM.

The possibilities offered by the platform read like a dream. 

But, for most people, the details have also left them wondering if Website ATM is legitimate and whether it’s worth a try or not.

If you want to find out the truth about this platform, keep reading.

This article will give you all the information you need to decide whether to put your money on Website ATM or to avoid it like the plague.

We’ll tell you what Website ATM is, how it works, and the red flags.

What is Website ATM about?

Website ATM claims to give you a chance to earn instant cash at the click of a button.

Apparently, you can make $500 per day with your eyes closed.

As a website builder, its founder claims it can create sites that can generate cash for you and fast.

The idea is that your new website will deliver so much traffic your way that you’ll be swimming in cash.

In fact, on the website, the founder tells you you’re fortunate to have found their wealth-generating platform.

This kind of information all sounds irresistible, right? 

Before you jump on the opportunity, there are a few things you should know.

For instance, the platform’s founder?

Who is Nick Harvey?

According to details on Website ATM, its founder is Nick Harvey.

On the website, the former accountant is seen in a video talking about how to make $500 a day.

Nick Harvey of Website ATM says he started his journey in 2001. 

He says it’s thanks to a Russian – Sergey Popov – that he can make money online today. Nick says Sergey introduced him to the golf niche, leading to more opportunities.

There’s even a photo of Nick and his ‘wife’ Amanda and their ‘children’ Stevie, Caleb, and Sara.

The question on every reader’s mind is whether or not Nick exists. Well, he doesn’t. These photos are stock images.

Worse still, there’s no information about Nick online. The lack of an online presence would be uncharacteristic of a founder of any company.

Similarities to Money Sucking Website

Coincidentally, another website – Money Sucking Website – has very many similarities to Website ATM.

First, the video used in Website ATM is the very same one used on the Money Sucking Website. 

Secondly, the alleged owner of Money Sucking Website Willy Handcock also has a family whose names are similar to Nick’s. What are the odds?

Thirdly, like Nick, Willy is also a former accountant who learned the art of making money from a Russian named Sergey.

That’s a red flag right there.

How does it work?

The first step to joining Website ATM is to sign up.

Then you’ll pay for a website, which they claim will generate enough traffic to make you money at the push of a button.

The worrying bit here is that all the websites built for different members are from a similar template.

Therefore, the risk here is getting a duplicate that is unlikely to bring traffic your way.

The way Google works prevents people from ranking with a website that is a duplicate.

Nick tells his members to keep the platform a secret as he will only sell it to 300 people. These are the lucky ones who will earn $500 a day.

Website ATM cost to join

You have to pay $47 for a website builder. The machine you pay for doesn’t just build you any website; you get a site that starts giving you money within minutes.

The cruel reality is that once you pay the $47, all you get is basic information that can’t make you money instantly.

Still, you have to share your contacts during registration, exposing you to multiple emails trying to convince you to pay for something else. To make more money, they tell you to buy more stuff.

For instance, you should pay $997 for training to turn website visitors into buyers.

You can also pay $297 for training on how to drive traffic.

Some of the information on training guides is on a website called Live Your Message. Marisa Murgatroyd tells readers Website ATM is available at an affordable price for everyone.

Besides, the site doesn’t seem to have information on how to get a refund from the Website ATM.

However, here are a couple of ways you could try to get your money back:

  • Contact the seller and demand a refund
  • Register a dispute with your credit card company (if you used a credit card)
  • File a dispute with your bank if you made the order through it

Is Website ATM a scam or legit?

The temptation to make money using shortcuts can make one ignore red flags.

But, if you have doubts about Website ATM, you might be wondering how to tell if it’s legitimate.

Website ATM is a scam going by some pointers:

Website ATM truths

1. A website is part of the deal

In his videos, Nick advocates a website to earn cash. He says that online experts lie when they say a website isn’t necessary.

This part is true. Why? Doing affiliate marketing with a website is the most brilliant way to earn. The website acts as a channel to market the products or services.

2. Affiliate marketing: Does it pay?

Yes, it does.

The key factors Nick pitches in his video on affiliate marketing are real.

Once you build a website, you can leverage affiliate marketing successfully. But, these are not get-rich-quick schemes.

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to find a product or service with a great commission.

Another critical step is to create content that can drive traffic around the products.

A website builder takes their time because the site has the potential to earn thousands of dollars. 

Say a buyer is reading your content as they look for a chessboard. Should they click on the section of your website that links to a merchant like Amazon, you earn a commission.

Website ATM lies

1. The website will rank without a sweat

Website ATM claims that this basic website will get you to the top in no time. That’s a lie.

Why? Ranking on Google can take a couple of weeks to months. It all depends on several factors such as competition, the age of the ranking page, and the website strength.

For example, if you search gardening tools, Google will give you the websites with authority on the gardening niche. 

Building a website in such a niche requires work. You must have the right content, which takes time to create.

2. Instant cash claims

Website ATM offers a similar promise as other systems with the same model of operation. These include Point 2 Click Profits, Fast Home Sites, and 10 Minute Paydays.

3. Get a website with just the click of a button

Although it doesn’t just take the touch of a button to create a website, it’s not hard either.

It’s simple to build a website within a short time using a few quick steps. But, you can’t make a successful website with remarkable content at the click of a button.

4. Questionable testimonials

Nick has gone the extra mile to make sure he has testimonials to back up his website. 

What better way to pull people to a product than to share user experiences?

For example, one user listed as “Timothy from Arizona” is said to have started making money from home.

This testimonial comes with a photo to boot. However, the picture is a stock image, meaning there’s no such user.

Although some small businesses are known to use testimonial generators in the short term, this doesn’t last. 

Besides, why would you need fake testimonials for a website that helps others rank well on Google? Shouldn’t Website ATM be doing well enough to pull members?

While some people see fake testimonials as harmless, the law differs from one country to another. 

In some countries, fake testimonials are considered false advertising and are punishable by law. 

For example, in the US, the Federal Trade Commission declares illegal, such unfair competition. This law could be one of the reasons Nick tells his members to keep the platform a secret – to keep off the authorities.

5. That only 300 “lucky” people will get access to the platform

Nick tells members that he is only limiting membership to 300 people.

One wonders why Nick wouldn’t want to keep a money-making machine to himself.

Also, this method creates an artificial shortage, representing the hallmarks of a scam.

6. You won’t have to write

The idea that the website will do all the hard writing work for you is a lie.

As much as bots can try and do an article from different websites, they can’t replace writers.

One way to create unique content is to do the writing yourself, which is quite demanding.

Alternatively, you could hire a writer, meaning you’ll have spent more than the $47 you paid Website ATM to create a site for you.

7. Outrageous returns on investment

An investment of $47 which gives you $500 per day, raises questions.

If you do the math, it means your investment gives you 1000% returns on the first day.

Most people agree that it could take a couple of months to years before one can start making a decent income as an affiliate marketer.

Is the app legit?

In your search for Website ATM, you might have come across

While Website ATM has to do with website creation, the app is about data.

The app allows you to make money through personal data. Companies pay you for being part of their brands and engaging with them. There are also extra rewards for getting involved with brands.

How does it work? The first step is to create your data profile. Then, you respond to some questions. Then links you up with income-making opportunities.

You can also make money through cashback when you shop.

From the looks of it, it appears to be a legitimate way to make money, unlike Website ATM.

Website ATM reviews online

A search of the words “Website ATM” on Google brings results of Internet users asking whether it’s a scam or not.

On some platforms, users either had a bad experience with Website ATM or sought answers on whether it’s legitimate.

One way to know whether something is a scam or not is to check its reviews online.

Several people have reviewed Website ATM, and in most reviews, the verdict is – scam.

1. Quora

On Quora, a website where Internet users post questions and answers, people questioned the legitimacy of Website ATM.

One user asked how he could get a refund from the Website ATM.

Another user said he regretted falling into the trap that is Website ATM and advises others to avoid making decisions with their hearts.

2. Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau, a nonprofit organization that says its work is to boost trust among businesses, doesn’t recognize Website ATM.

The bureau says it investigates and uncovers deceptive advertising.

Better Business Bureau says it hasn’t accredited the Website ATM.

To help you clear your doubts, you can also send details of Website ATM to the Better Business Bureau for a check.

3. Reddit

You can also check on Reddit, a website that features discussions among internet users on web content.

Here, two users posting on different days posed the question: Website ATM Review – Is it legit or a scam?

Although there are no responses so far, the questions show the doubts users have about Website ATM.

Website ATM login and scammers

Scammers work by getting your personal information. 

How? If you log in to a platform like Website ATM, a scam, they collect your details. They could use your social security number, address, and other information to send you emails and phone calls.

The conmen tell you to give them your card so that they can send you money. They take off once they drain you.

To stay off scams, be careful about the websites you log in to.

Website ATM vs. Affiliate Marketing Program

Unfortunately, many people fall into the trap of investing in Website ATM because its business model is legitimate.

Website ATM advertises the affiliate marketing model, which many people use to make money.

Verdict – Website ATM Review

Website ATM is a scam.

You can avoid falling for this and other scams by always looking for red flags and reading reviews online.

In the case of Website ATM, the red flags include the big promise of investing so little to make so much and getting a site that ranks immediately.

Legitimacy issues also arise where the founder is concerned. Who is Nick Harvey, and why can’t one find him anywhere online?

The fake testimonials also gave it away.

The good news is there are so many legitimate ways to make money online. 

Affiliate marketing is one of them. Others include blogging, taking part in paid surveys, and digital marketing.

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