Wrapify Reviews: Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car

Can you really make easy money advertising on your car?

Check this out; imagine earning extra cash by just driving around in your car. Better still, all you have to do is to drive, as usual, minding your business as your car earns you that extra money for your needs.

Well, everyone loves a little more money, especially one they don’t have to work hard for. You are probably curious and excited to read more about this straightforward passive income idea.

Luckily, this post is precisely for you; an easy way to make extra income without interrupting your lifestyle and routine. Read on.

What Is Wrapify?

Wrapify allows you to both rent your car and space on your vehicle as you drive to earn. More so, Wrapify collaborates with companies that want to advertise using rolling billboards. This way, they pay you to drive and rent out space on your car with the advertisement on.

Even better for an Uber driver is that you will likely get a gig while on the road. Still, if your gig involves a longer commute, you will earn more with Wrapify. This is because a longer drive result in their billboard or your car getting more viewership.

Therefore, with Wrapify, you get a win-win situation with the company paying you to spread its advertisements everywhere you go. However, in this Wrapify review, the focus is on the wrapify drivers’ side and how to earn some extra bucks driving around wrapped in billboards.

Is Wrapify Legitimate?

According to most drivers, Wrapify is a legitimate company and meets its end of the deal. You will hardly find issues of Wrapify refusing to pay drivers, missing payments or even scamming drivers. From the experience of most drivers, it is confident to state that Wrapify is a car wrap advertising app.

However, just like any other company, Wrapify also experiences some unexpected technical issues. The recent reviews on the App store show multiple complaints from drivers, including things like:

  • Lack of immediate payment
  • The flawed communication process with the support team
  • Technical problems with the Wrapify App mainly due to the pandemic situation

Generally, aside from these few issues, Wrapify is a legit company that offers to pay you to drive their advertisements wherever and whenever you go.

How Does Wrapify Work?

As simple as ABC and Wrapify when it comes to how it works.

In your usual drives and you see a Wrapify campaign pop up; all you need to do is accept it. Subsequently, you will have to take your car to the Wrapify office for them to wrap it in the particular advertisements freely.

From there, the Wrapify App on your iOS or Android gadget will be tracking your daily drive to calculate and pay you accordingly.

Furthermore, Wrapify campaigns usually take a maximum period of six months, though you can have it on even for a month. After the campaign, you will take your car back to Wrapify offices for them to remove the wrap safely, and you get your vehicle back to normal.

You should also know that getting a gig majorly depends on; where you live, commute, and if Wrapify has an advertiser targeting your area and wants to use the car model. If you are lucky to be their choice, your payment is also dependant on whether you rent space to wrap a panel, portion, or the entire car, not to mention how much and where you drive.

There is not a minimum of miles to go, the more you will be around, the more money you will earn. However, there’s a maximum amount you can earn. For every auto wrap campaign, drivers are paid monthly via direct deposit in a bank account. However, there are some restrictions: for example, they do not earn if they drive in areas outside the interest of the company that is exposed to advertising and that has “chosen” the motorist precisely for the area.

How Does Wrapify Make Money?

Are you wondering how Wrapify makes money? Your curiosity is understandable, bearing in mind that the driver pays nothing to be on board and make money. The wrapping and App of their gadgets are free from Wrapify, not to mention taking out the wrap.

However, Wrapify is not a non-profit company but just wise in its money-making ways. As an advertising company, instead of putting up significant billboards in strategic and high traffic areas, using print and digital media and even bus and bench ads, they are using something that costs them nothing- people’s cars.

Therefore, they make money by acquiring advertising campaigns from several brands and agencies. It is evident that doing ads is not cheap, and all Wrapify spends is paying for the wraps and the drivers. Besides, the cost of maintaining your car is on the owner and not Wrapify. So you can bet that they make a sweet killing as major companies also pay Wrapify to drive their advertisements.

Where Is Wrapify Available?

As much as it is a popular way to advertise, there’s a reason as to why you do not see wrapped cars where you live. Wrapify only works in particular cities depending on the population and traffic of people. So, if you do not reside in the chosen cities, you cannot drive and earn with Wrapify.

The only hope is for this company to grow bigger by gaining more companies that need wraps for their advertisement strategies. This way, you will soon be able to see or even earn with Wrapify.

Meanwhile, this opportunity is only available in the cities below;

Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New Jersey, New York, Oakland, Orange County, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Tampa, and Washington.

Ideally, you should visit the Wrapify website to check on updated cities. If your city is available, it would be best to apply if you meet their requirements hoping they accept you.

Who Are Wrapify’s Clients?

Not every ad will be suitable for you to allow on your car. Therefore as a driver, you would want to know the clients of Wrapify.

Remarkably, many companies like over 100 have hired Wrapify to run the ads for them. Such major brands include Google, Coca Cola, Zoom, Petco, eBay, and Lyft.

However, Wrapify does not just serve significant brands, but even a small and upcoming company can sign up for their services. If Wrapify is in your town where you have your business, you can always submit your application for their review.

Wrapify Requirements: How Do You Qualify for Wrapify?

Just like every company that does the hiring, requirements are vital. However, with Wrapify, the conditions are not something out of the ordinary and not as many. Given that you are in a targeted area by the advertisers, the requirements are as follows;

For Your Car

  • Own a car that’s 2010 or newer
  • You can have a Minivan, Truck or Pickup, SUV, Sedan or Coupe. RVs, Bikes and commercials cars are not allowed
  • There should not be any significant paints or drawings on your car
  • There will be a background check to verify if your vehicle has had any accidents or traffic violations.

For The Driver

  • Must have a smartphone
  • Should be at least 21 years of age
  • Possess a clean and legit driving record and licence
  • Must drive a distance of 50 miles daily on your commute to qualify

Because you will be using your smartphone and their App every time you are driving, it would be best to have a reminder in your car to post your trip. This way, Wrapify will see where you are commuting and the rate of eyeballs their ad is gaining. So how do you use your smartphone and the App?

Step 1: Download the App for either Android or iOS and fill in the application form with your basic details as required.

Step 2: After completing your profile and getting approval, you are accessible to the available campaigns in your area. So you can reject and accept the campaigns reliant on your preferences.

Step3: Take your car for a complimentary wrap in the recommended Wrapify location.

Step 4: Activate the car any time you are using it to earn something for the road. Remember to close the Wrapify App after reaching your destination.

It is also essential to know that Wrapify will be tracking you as long as the App is on. As long as you want to get paid driving their ad around, you will always need to keep the Wrapify App on.

On the type of car, it is to their main advantage that they hire space on a somewhat new vehicle. Besides, a car that is falling apart and crappy will only send bad vibes and impression for the company owning the advertisement.

Moreover, your driving record is crucial because you are like the ambassador for the company. So anytime you drive recklessly and run a red light, it will be easy to identify you using your wrap. So, Wrapify has no room for irresponsible drivers for their company which results in a bad name.

How Much Does Wrapify Pay Per Mile?

It is essential to understand that just having your car wrapped will not make you any dime. Thus, the only way to make money is to drive around in your wrapped car in the campaign zones.

Also, the payment per mile is not as stable because it depends on a couple of things. Such things are like time, duration spent on traffic, and even the number of vehicles on the road. But averagely, the cost per mile is about $0.20. which is a direct deposit to your bank account.

How Much Can You Earn With Wrapify?

How much do you get paid to advertise on your vehicle?

As observed, Wrapify campaigns are available in a specific area recommended by the advertiser. When you accept your preferred campaign, a campaign zone is automatically ready for you. A campaign area is typically about 50 miles from the advertiser’s marked city.

Furthermore, Wrapify provides four different Wrap Coverage Levels depending on the space of covering your car. So the amount you make will also depend on the size of the wrap covering. For instance:

  1. Full coverage: $264 – $452 per month
  2. Partial coverage: $196 – $280 per month
  3. Lite coverage: $181 – $280 per month
  4. Static and Rideshare Topper: $174 – $280 per month

Also, apart from the level of the campaign, other factors that determine how much you can make with Wrapify include;

  • Duration of the contract
  • Type of advertisement you are displaying
  • Area of commuting
  • Type of car and its condition
  • The frequency of time you spend on the road

Generally, it is possible to earn an average of $150-$450 monthly based on the level of campaign and distance of travel.

Wrapify Pros & Cons


  • Registration is free
  • Wrapping is free
  • High-quality and attractive wraps that earn more eye traffic
  • Easy, fun and convenient money making method
  • Effortless apart from a clean past driving record
  • It takes a short duration
  • No specific area to drive around
  • The wrap is a protective layer from paint scratches and dents


  • It would help if you covered several miles for a good earning
  • Poor pay if you don’t drive in high traffic and crowded area
  • Inaccurate distance recording
  • App drains the phone’s battery quickly
  • Inadequate wrap removal can damage a car’s paint

Is Wrapify Worth It?

If you meet the requirements and are always busy driving in an active region, it is worth it! Generally, it does not affect you in any way, especially financially, to try the Wrapify App. Besides, you will only receive a few extra bucks for doing what you love most on a typical day- drive.

There’s so much more you can always do with extra cash, including covering your car maintenance expenses while using Wrapify App.

Wrapify Requirements

Wrapify driver work is done independently. The 1099 job will help you improve your earnings, earn an extra wage, and make extra money on your own. You are responsible for paying taxes as an employer and can benefit from tax deductions. It can also be taxed as a bonus when driving apps are used in your business.

Also keep an eye on the mileage. Side scroungers must be creative in their way of earning. See their guides for tips for saving money on gasoline. It will help you be a responsible driver. It also means you should have an auto insurance plan.

Wrapify Alternatives

  1. Carvertise: Like Wrapify, you don’t need to pay to start and also, they cover your car with advertisements. However, the difference sets in Carvertise set a limit on the amount you can earn monthly. This is unlike Wrapify, whereby the more you drive, the more you make.
  2. MyFreeCar: This is also the same as Wrapify in terms of wrapping your car with specific ads. However, this one requires you to keep the banner on for 12 months. Hence this can be uncomfortable for some car owners.
  3. Promotocar: It also allows you to earn the same way as Wrapify. The only disadvantage is that it is only available in a few cities in Texas. So for anyone outside Texas, this service will not be for you.

Wrapify FAQs

Who Are The Main Wrapify’s Competitors?

The main Wrapify competitors are the alternative companies like Carvertise, MyFreeCar and Promotocar.

Will The Wrap Damage The Paint Of My Vehicle?

The wrap used by Wrapify is dependent on various factors to determine if it can damage the paint on your car. For instance, in an old car, the experts will see if the car has rust, paint damage and several scratches. Also, it would be best to tell the experts if your vehicle has had an accident before or repainted.

Can You Do Uber and Wrapify?

Yes, you can. However, Uber can prevent you from working with Wrapify, but they can’t restrict you legally. However, ensure your campaigns are not offensive to anyone or anything to avoid bad ratings on Uber.

Do Companies Pay To Wrap Your Car?

For companies to hire for the car advertising services of Wrapify, they have to pay. Besides, that’s how Wrapify makes its money to pay drivers and fix wraps for free.

How Much Does Wrapify Cost?

There are no upfront costs to register for Wrapify, and the driver can earn from $174-$450 per month depending on different situations, as stated in this review.

Is Wrapify available?

While advertising is an effective means, there are other reasons to never get around in wrapped cars. Wrapify is only available to cities that are characterised by population and traffic. If your residence isn’t in the selected city then you can’t drive or make money from Wrapify.com or anywhere else. The only hope for this company will be that they gain a wider number of businesses that require wrap for ad campaigns. So you’ve got a very quick chance of earning money from Wrapify. Until now, these opportunities are only available to the towns below.

What is the principle of car advertising?

Car advertisements in general are a great way to increase sales for outdoor campaigns. The company sponsors it through its logo, slogans and posters in your car. Ride the same way and you get automatic earnings. Passive income is easy to earn if you’re not working. In general, you should fill out a form and provide a name and email address. The advertiser negotiates a contractual agreement with the wrapify driver. So they stick stickers on the vehicle and then prove it to themselves to keep the sticker intact throughout the agreement.

Who are Wrapify’s clients?

Several brands collaborate on marketing campaign management via Wrapify. Almost dozens of brands are already using Wrapify to market their products. However, Wrapify does not cover Coca-Cola and its competitors in the United Kingdom. All small businesses are welcome to apply on the Wrapify website. Wrapify estimates you will make between $100 and $500 per month based on your campaign.

Wrapify Customer Service

Wrapify offers some very challenging support services. Drivers requiring assistance must complete online forms that are available on the company’s website. At the time of writing this article, I could find no e-mail or phone numbers for this website. It might thus have an upside.

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