27 Best Transcription Jobs for Beginners & Pros

Are you sick of your 9-5 job and want to work from home? 

Transcribing is a great way to make money and have flexibility in how much time you work.

In this article, we’ll provide information about some of the best opportunities out there so that you can consider starting transcribing today.

The best transcription companies allow you to work remotely and still find ways to make money from home.

We’ve included a list below with some options for finding these types of gigs, and we highly recommend that you take a look. Even if you’re an experienced pro or just starting, there’s probably something here for everyone.

What are transcription jobs?

A transcriber’s job is a remote job that demands that an individual convert to text format files such as videos or audio files. The client gives you an existing record and expects you to type it out correctly.

Besides, you’ll need some tools to make your work easier.

A headphone is also necessary because you can focus on listening and use your foot to speed up the tasks. 

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Types of online transcription jobs

  1. Many medical transcription jobs were commoditated by foreign companies. Transcribing notes on charts with the patient is costly to both the transcribed and scribe. 
  2. Legal transcription services are provided by U.S. Based company that uses a background-checked process. This kind of work requires a more specialized level of experience, including specific confidentiality and security. 
  3. General transcription jobs are great for beginners and allow you to develop your skills in a lot less complicated subject than others. 

Many transcriptions for medical services often lead to higher error rates. 

The Best Transcription Companies

You know how it is. You’re a millennial looking for ways to make money from home, and you need something that can pay well without requiring too much experience or skills.

Transcription seems like an easy way to get started!  But which company should you work with?  

1. SpeakWrite

SpeakWrite is one of the best transcription jobs, but you’ll need a little bit of previous transcribing experience. 

They have a well-established customer base that includes legal, government, law enforcement, and private sector clients.

As a transcriptionist for SpeakWrite, you’ll be paid $0.005 – $0.006 per word. According to SpeakWrite’s average monthly earnings are $300+ with top earners exceeding $3,000 per month (payments are made twice per month by direct deposit or check).

To work for SpeakWrite, applicants must pass a test with at least 60 words per minute with at least 90% accuracy. You will also need at least one year of transcription experience, and you must pass a background check.

2. Transcript Divas

Transcript Divas offers one of the higher-paying transcription jobs, with rates going up to $2.98 per audio minute.

They don’t require previous experience, but they have high standards and only accept a percentage of applicants. If you’re interested in working as a freelancer for Transcript Divas, you can apply directly on their website.

You’ll need to have a resume/CV ready, and you’ll need to answer a few questions to complete the application.

Transcript Divas works with college graduates with a background in psychology, linguistics, and education. They also accept those experienced in the medical profession and certified legal transcriptionists interested in branching out into other industries. 

Previous experience doing transcribing or verbatim work is beneficial but unnecessary, as long as you have taken the proper training courses to be credentialed in that field.

Hard-working freelancers, self-directed, and result-driven are the most sought after but screened due to very high demand.  So, if you are looking for a way to make money from home by transcribing online recordings or verbatim work, apply with Transcript Divas today.

They require unlimited availability because clients are running 24/7, and every minute matters according to their mission statement. 

If you can commit and prove yourself as a fast, accurate, and trustworthy individual, Transcript Divas is ready to pay you $2.98 per audio minute for long-form verbatim work with transcripts.

3. Speechpad

Speechpad is one of them, and they offer $0.25 – $2.50 per audio minute (or $15 to $150 per audio hour).

Payments are made twice per week by PayPal. It’s free to sign up, and before you can start working, you’ll need to pass a transcription and a grammar test.

As a worker, you’ll have a rating, which impacts what jobs you will be eligible for. Increase your rating to open up more opportunities.

There are also possibilities to quality for rush jobs and captioning jobs that can bring higher pay.

There is no minimum that you need to work, and you’ll be able to choose the specific jobs you want to take.

4. Averbach Transcription

Averbach Transcription is a company looking for transcriptionists. 

They don’t list any requirements, but you will need to pass their test before hiring you.

Typically, rates are $1 per audio minute or $1.50 per audio minute for rush orders (same day or overnight).

You’ll have the flexibility to set your hours and decline work if it’s not convenient for you.

Depending on your speed and experience, you can make an hourly rate of $20 to $30 per hour.

5. Transcription Outsourcing LLC

Do you have an excellent typing speed and experience in one of the following industries: law enforcement, medical, legal, financial, or general transcription?

If so, Transcription Outsourcing LLC might be looking for you.

Transcription Outsourcing is an American company that offers competitive rates to transcribers. The rate depends on the industry you’re working in – some are paid per minute and others per line.

Rate estimates range from $0.80 – $1.10+ per audio minute (for general transcription) to up to $5/minute for rush jobs or when maximum accuracy is needed (medical transcription).

Applicants must pass at least one typing test before joining their team, which requires them to be based in the U.S.

Join Transcription Outsourcing LLC and start earning money today!

6. TranscribeMe

Transcribing is becoming an increasingly in-demand skill. More companies need people who can listen to short audio clips of their business customers and turn them into typed transcripts that they can use in marketing campaigns or product development.

And with TranscribeMe’s quick test (you’ll have to pass it before you start working), there’s no experience required!  

Plus, TranscribeMe offers flexible work hours, so even if you’re not at home during the day, this could still be an excellent job for you.  

How much do transcribe me pay?

TranscribeMe pay is $5.50 per audio hour, payable via PayPal each week after the company receives and transcribes your files.  

And you’ll need a relatively fast internet connection so that our video player can stream smoothly to you as you’re watching or listening to clients’ videos.

6-8 hours of work per week should make you $300-400 per month.

Just to have a look at TranscribeMe job opportunities and other transcription jobs reviews.

7. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription pays higher rates than other companies, starting at $0.75 – $0.85 per audio minute with top transcriptionists making $250 – 950 per week (which is a really wide range).

Payments are made weekly by check, and all that’s required of you is typing at least 50 words per minute as part of the application process, which doesn’t require any experience in transcription but does have an assessment test and skills test before they give you work on their schedule.  

You’ll transcribe audio files from the entertainment, corporate, and legal industries and some academic institutions so if you’re a fast typer looking for ways to make money from home; Daily Transcription might be the perfect opportunity.

8. Tigerfish

Tigerfish is a well-known transcription company that hires all types of audio files.

If you work for Tigerfish, your projects will include interviews, police interrogations, and documentary film footage. 

An application process involves transcribing 15 minutes of sample audio files and free Express Scribe software.

Tigerfish pays $0.03 – $0.04 per line transcribed, which isn’t bad if you want to make money from home!

9. Casting Words

Casting Words is a transcription company that hires all types of audio files. If you work for Casting Words, your projects will include interviews, police interrogations, and documentary film footage.  

An application process involves transcribing 15 minutes of sample audio files and free Express Scribe software.  

Casting Words pays $0.085 to over $1 per audio minute, which isn’t bad if you want to make money from home! Pay varies based on a few factors like the type of job, the level you’ve reached, and the grade you receive for the work.

The higher your grade for accuracy, the more you’ll be paid. Payments are made once per week by PayPal.

How does it work?

Sign up by clicking the link below or on their website: {link}. Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to see available jobs in the dashboard and take as much or as little work as you want.

10. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription offers positions for general transcription and transcription with a medical background.  No experience is necessary for the general transcription position (but they do have high accuracy standards), and you will transcribe a variety of topics like academic, business, legal, or more.

You will be expected to complete work regularly for the position with a medical background, but it comes with consistent daily work and great pay!

Payment Method: Direct deposit or PayPal; Payment Frequency: Monthly; Requirements: Pass their test.

How does it work?  Once you’ve completed their application, you’ll be able to see available jobs in your dashboard and take as much or as little work as you want.

11. 3Play Media

Many people want to make money from home, but they don’t know. 3Play Media is an online transcription company that can help you do just that!  

3Play Media pays based on the project, but they suggest the equivalent is about $10 – $30 per hour, depending on your efficiency. 

You’ll be able to choose which projects you accept and how much you work on.

12. CrowdSurf

Crowdsurf isn’t just what it sounds like – being on the ground trying to catch someone else’s fall. Here, we’re talking about transcribing videos for deaf and second-language viewers.

These will be short tasks that you can do at your own convenience, and there is no mandatory typing speed requirement or experience required!

You’ll get paid instantly through PayPal or direct deposit once approved and in their system (you can take any available jobs whenever you want).

You can earn up to $10 per video and work as many hours a week as you want. This isn’t the only job platform out there that pays people for typing things in – the good thing about this one is that it’s suitable for beginners!

You’re not going to get rich working from home (what fun would life be if we could?), but it’s a fun little side hustle if you need some cash.

13. Athreon

Are you looking for an online transcription company that offers flexible hours and work-from-home opportunities?  

Do you have at least two years of experience in medical, legal, police, or media transcribing and graduate from a training program? If so, Athreon might be the perfect opportunity for you.

Here’s why:

  • They will pay you $25 per audio hour.
  • The job is not location-specific; you can do it from home!  

You will get a weekly paycheck via PayPal.

The requirements are: You must have two years of relevant work experience and be a graduate of the transcription training program, and have passed tests such as AT, TE, or MT.

Work is done on the following formats: Windows Media, MP3, WMA, RealMedia video, and voice-over.

You will be given a login name and password for access to the work.   As soon as you accept a job, you’ll receive it by e-mail.    You then have 24 hours to complete your transcription before it expires and is returned to Athreon. However, you may take on more than one file at a time.

14. Ubiqus

If you’re looking for a transcription job where you don’t have to deal with the nightly bidding war, Ubiqus might be a good option. 

The transcription company recruits based in the United States, and they will consider current students.

The company doesn’t list their rates publicly, but they offer a bonus if you’re accepted and can work up to 1,000 hours during your first year. There are opportunities available in general, legal, and medical transcription.

15. Verbal Ink

Verbal Ink site does provide instructions for applicants – These are very detailed instructions that will help you get started with this opportunity quickly.

They hire transcriptionists with no experience – This is an excellent opportunity if you have been considering entering the workforce but don’t feel like going through a formal interview process or training program to start working.

There are no requirements other than typing at least 45 words per minute and having a high school diploma or GED.

Have flexible hours – As previously mentioned, this company hires transcriptionists with no experience, so flexibility is critical for those who have limited availability.

16. Babbletype

Babbletype is an online transcription company that is looking to hire US-based transcriptionists. The company offers full-time, contract, and freelance positions for people looking to make money from home.

Here are a few things you should know about Babbletype:

1) They pay weekly

2) You have the freedom to set your work schedule

3) They require native English speakers

4) They provide more details about pay rates (No bounty rates!) on the website

17. Voxtab

One of Voxtab’s services is a transcription for various types of text. They provide legal, medical, academic, business, sermonic, and more information about the opportunity to work for them.

They don’t provide many details about the opportunity to work for them, but you can apply and submit a resume through their website.

You will be required to have good communication skills and fluency in English and computer literacy.  

They do not state how much money one can make while working for them.

18. AccuTran Global

When you look for transcription jobs, finding a company that will help you find success can be challenging. One of the best ones is AccuTran Global. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider working for AccuTran Global:

  • They have been in the business for over 10 years.
  • You will be hired by someone who knows your work and is invested in your success.
  • No bounty rates like many transcription companies offer.
  • You will be able to set your schedule and work from home.

19. Transcriptions ‘N Translations

Take your notetaking skills to the next level as a transcriptionist with Transcriptions ‘N Translations!

1. You’ll be working on voiceover, music, and vocal performances, which will challenge your ear and transcribing skills.

2. The company offers competitive pay, flexible hours, and excellent work-life balance.

3. Get great experience while building an impressive resume by applying today!

20. BAM! Transcription 

BAM! Transcription is a California-based company that provides general transcription and participates in the entertainment industry.

Their website does not offer employment information; however, they give a contact form for working with them.

21. Alice Darling Secretarial Services

Here are some reasons you may want to consider becoming a transcriptionist for Alice Darling Secretarial Services:

  • There is a wide variety of clients, and they hire transcriptionists as needed.
  • They need someone who can type 75 words per minute and has experience with transcription and word processing.
  • The position that they are hiring for pays up to $1000 per audio hour.

22. TranscriptionServices.com

Transcription Services is a company that hires transcriptionists from all countries who have at least one year of experience and a copy of their resume in PDF format.

They offer competitive pay, but the rates are not listed on their website, and they require you to answer a few questions when applying.

They also require that you have either transcribed audio by yourself or with a team of other people, and they want proof that you can produce high-quality work.

So if you are looking for transcription jobs from home, then Transcription Services is your best option.

The Best Transcription Jobs for Beginners

Are you a beginner looking for transcription jobs? If so, some companies might be an excellent place to start.

I would recommend the following companies.

23. GoTranscript

You may not have any transcription experience, but that’s okay! No test is required to get started, and if you don’t pass their first transcription test, you can retake it in a few days.

There is no word per minute requirements for typing speeds. The audio files (audio and video) rate is $0.60 per audio minute, and the payment method is through PayPal weekly.

The average weekly earnings are $150, and top earners bring in $1,215 per month on this site.

So what are some reasons why beginners should consider becoming a transcriptionist for GoTranscript?

  1. There is no test required to get started. You can become a transcriber as soon as you want to!
  2. If you don’t pass the first test, you can retake it in a few days and try again until you do pass. And if you still don’t pass, there are plenty of other jobs you can do on GoTranscript. You don’t have to wait until you pass the test to start making money.
  3. The average weekly income is $150, but top earners bring in over $1,000 per month. Even if you’re starting with no experience, that’s still pretty good!
  4. The payment method is PayPal, which means you can cash out immediately and start spending your money on whatever you want!
  5. You only need to work several hours per week to earn that $150 for the week. You aren’t required to work every single day of the week.
  6. It’s simple to work without any special requirements needed beyond having a computer and internet connection.
  7. The work can be done from any location in the world as long as you have an internet connection. There are workers worldwide translating for GoTranscript, so even if you don’t live in a country where service-based jobs are popular, it’s still possible to make money here.
  8. GoTranscript hires workers globally, and easy for beginners to get started and become successful transcribers!

24. Rev

One way to make money from home is to transcribe audio and video recordings. To start working for Rev, you will need to pass their test of transcription readiness. Once you have passed the test, you can claim available work.

Payments will vary depending on what you are doing, but generally, it varies from $0.40 – $0.75 per audio minute.

According to Rev, the average transcriptionist earns $245 per month, with top earners reaching $1,495. Payments are made once per week by PayPal.

25. Quicktate and iDictate

Quicktate and iDictate are owned by the same company. You can complete one application to work for both Quicktate and iDictate.

The pay varies between $0.0025 and $0.005 per word, and PayPal makes payments.

Both companies provide 3 references requirement (can’t be your family members), background check requirements, and the availability of working from your home or office.

And both companies will call you when work comes in, and it’s time to start working on your order.

The advantages of Quicktate are the ability to pick a category of work and the number of jobs available. Still, then again, iDictate has work for more than one language (you can select which language).

Both companies offer transcription training, but Quicktate also transcribes audiobooks for an extra $0.0001 per word ($5.00 per finished hour). And iDictate has language-specific work (Spanish and Mandarin), which are subject to be chosen by the clients.

Also, both companies will hire non-native speakers of English.

Quicktate has regular work (at least) weekly, whereas iDictate only offers transcription jobs every once in a while (every week or every two weeks). Both companies have jobs available during the holiday season, but Quicktate has more work available than iDictate.

Job requirements include an internet connection and a headset (both companies).

Both companies offer a bonus of points for referrals. They also offer a referral program to earn money by referring people to both Quicktate and iDictate. 

Still, less than 20% of the referred people complete the application process, so it is difficult to make any real money with this program. Quicktate’s referral program is based on how much work your friend completes, where iDictate has a point system for referrals.

With both companies, the turnaround time can be as fast as two days (up to 4 hours).

There are no negative reviews of either company online, and the top review that I could find was about Quicktate. The study suggests that Quicktate has good customer service if you ever need it.

Quicktate transcriptionists can work for other companies, but iDictate transcriptionists cannot work for any other company.

Both companies have their forum boards on their website to connect with fellow employees and employers (there is also an option to connect with friends).

Both companies have small businesses clients such as (solicitors, bakers, attorneys) to big corporations (high-end clothing stores, wealthy people). Some big corporate clients will buy your transcription at a low price and resell them for profit.

Quicktate has an in-depth FAQ section on their website, but iDictate’s FAQ section needs to be updated.

There is no difference in pay between the two companies (you get paid $0.005 per word). Both companies have jobs available; I’m not sure if there is any seasonal work with either of them.

Quicktate has a team of 12 transcriptionists working for them online, whereas iDictate employees about 20 people.

Quicktate transcriptionists can earn a bonus by transcribing audiobooks which are an extra $0.0001 per word ($5.00 per finished hour). 

So with this quick comparison review on Quicktate and iDictate, here are my conclusion:

Some people liked working for iDictate better than Quicktate, but it seems like the two companies are similar in every way. I guess that you should go with whichever one has more jobs available at a time.

If you want to try one of these companies out, go with Quicktate. They will pay for your first order (iDictate won’t). You can click on this link to sign up for Quicktate:  


26. Way With Words

As a transcriptionist with Way With Words, you’ll be able to work for the company from the comfort of your own home. You can do this as often or as infrequently as you please.

You’ll be paid $0.45 – $1.73 per audio minute, depending on what turnaround time your project needs. It doesn’t matter if you have any previous experience because all transcriptionists must pass their assessment before creating content for Way With Words.

Once you’ve been approved, you can get started right away! You’ll get paid monthly through PayPal at an agreed-upon rate of hours completed per month.

The company operates in the US, UK, EU nations, Australia, Canada, and South Africa. 

27. Scribie

I would recommend Scribie to those who don’t mind a low-paying job. The pay is $5 – $25 per audio hour, and you can withdraw earnings at any time to your PayPal account.

There are also small monthly bonuses that are available ($5 for every 3 hours completed). You don’t need any experience to get started, but you’ll have to pass a test. With Scribie, you’ll be working on short files, 10 minutes or less.

Scribie does not assign work to you. You’ll be able to preview the available jobs and decide which ones you want to take.

Before we proceed, do you have the right transcription equipment? 

Best Headphones for Transcription That Boost Your Productivity

Who Can Work as a Transcriptionist?

The opportunity to work as a transcriptionist from home is available for anyone who has excellent typing skills and enjoys working on their own.

If you have these two qualities, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you. You’ll need to know how to type accurately and quickly to succeed at this job.

But don’t worry – even if your typing skills are not that great now, it’s easy to improve them with practice!

The best part of being a transcriptionist is that there are no other qualifications required other than good typing skills, so if you can type well enough, just about anybody can make money transcribing online!  

As long as your computer works reliably and you have internet access, you can complete this work from home.

How Much Can I Make as a Transcriptionist?

You might not be aware of it, but many people are working from home as transcriptionists.  Working as a transcriptionist is one of the best careers you can get to work from home and earn good money.  

It’s also an excellent career for anyone who struggles with staying focused in office environments because your job is all done online!  The average salary for someone working remotely as a transcriptionist in the US is $58,441 per year, which tells us that this career offers great earning potential too!  

However, making a decent wage as a beginner can be challenging. Many companies out there allow anyone to sign up and work as a transcriptionist (you may need to pass typing tests first); however, some of these jobs pay meager wages.  

Earning a certification can help open up more opportunities for you, and later in this article, you’ll find some information about earning a transcription certification.

Practice Transcription Tests

If you don’t have a lot of experience, you may want to get some practice to improve your skills before going after one of the best transcription jobs.

A skills test can help you check your speed and accuracy to make sure that you’re ready. Here is a look at some of the very best tools that are available for practicing:

  1. Express Scribe Practice Transcription Files  – Express Scribe provides several legal and medical audio files that you can use for practice. Download the audio files and then compare your results to the sample transcript provided.  
  2. GoTranscript  – GoTranscript offers a free sample test that you can take. The test will show you any errors that you make.
  3. TCI Transcription – Practice Test  – Create a free account with TCI to access several test audio files. You’ll see your typing speed and be assessed on precision, spelling, and formatting.  
  4. Listen and Write  – This site has a huge collection of audio files. You can create a free account and practice transcribing directly on the website once you are logged in.

FAQs Related to the Best Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners

How Fast Do You Have to Type to Be a Transcriptionist?

Transcriptionists generally type between 60 and 120 words per minute.

The speed of your typing is important to understand the speaker on the recording, document what they are saying as accurately as possible, match their speech patterns and then render your transcript into a format that is easy for others to read.

The more words you type in 1 minute, the faster you can produce a transcript at an efficient rate, and the less time it takes for someone else to finish transcribing what was said during a recording.

With practice, it’s possible to increase your typing speed, making it easier for you to get transcription jobs where there isn’t as much editing required.

What is the Best Online Transcription Company to Work for?

TranscribeMe is a transcription service that offers high-quality editing, quick payment, and many sound files to work on.

Transcript Me Online is an excellent transcription provider because it has a high level of accuracy which they back up with punctual customer assistance through their 24/7 free live help email.

With Transcript Me Online, you can quickly translate your skills into supplemental income without needing any special training.

How Can I Make Good Money as a Transcriptionist?

Every single day, transcription jobs are available for people who want to make money as a transcriptionist. There is no specific way to do it – you could do work on demand or take various freelance projects.

Either way, the job of a transcriptionist is always in high demand and offers great potential for making good money each week!

What is the Difference Between Audio Hours and Working Hours?

Audio hours incorporate the breaks and pauses that whoever is listening to you take.

Working hours are the uninterrupted time you have in an assignment during which you are constantly working and don’t require any more attentiveness than their supervisor’s.

How Long Does it Take You to Transcribe One Hour of Audio?

Transcribing one hour of raw audio takes a person with average typing skills and computer speed approximately three hours.

This estimate is based on just one person listening to the audio and typing.

You can usually transcribe faster if you have multiple people working together, but this almost always requires at least two typists to gain substantial time savings.

If you own your own transcription equipment or have a home office large enough for an IBM typewriter, you can cut that time down considerably.

You have to take into account the time it takes your equipment to transcribe the audio and return a clean draft of the document and any breaks that may be necessary for health reasons.

Can You Make a Living Transcribing?

According to ZipRecruiter, work-from-home transcriptionists earn an average of $58,218 per year ($29 per hour), not just those who stay on the low-paying side. 

To reach that level, you’ll need to develop your skills and experience. Certification is one way to do this.

How Much Do Entry-Level Transcriptionists Make?

Transcriptionists can make anywhere from $18,000 – $40,000 annually. Depending on the company’s size and hours of transcription required per day, you might only require one transcriptionist or need to employ an army of them.

Is Working as a Transcriptionist a Flexible Job?

It is a very flexible job. A transcriptionist can work from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection and the proper software. A transcriptionist can work from home, at a local coffee shop, or even on the beach.

Can I Do Online Transcription Work Part-Time?

Yes! Transcription work is available as a part-time job. You can make it your way of earning money online or a second job.

You can do it from your home, office or wherever you want. You only need a computer and internet connection to start doing this transcription job.

Part-time work has some benefits that full-time work does not have, like flexibility, independence, and freedom but not the same income

Find over 600K readily available Part-time Transcriptionist jobs on Jooble.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

The first thing you need is some good transcription equipment.

The best audio capturing device for the job would be a quality digital recorder or a USB microphone.

The ideal way to record anything is through a separate microphone. You will need to purchase a USB headset or plug in a microphone with an integrated stand and boom arm.

As far as recording programs go, whatever you are used to using will be fine; there is no magic program out there that will give you the best results out of your audio files.

What transcription company pays the best?

TranscribeMe is the best transcription company around. They offer a higher than average pay for all of their transcribers. If you are a transcriber, I recommend you apply on their website because it will be worth your time.

Their average monthly earning is $250, while their top earners make as much as $2,200. They say that their top transcribers make as much as $7,500 a month.

Best transcription jobs for people with experience

Transcript Divas is a great choice for someone who needs flexibility and good pay. Athreon’s g and b transcription services have already appeared in North America and Canada. Every day Athreon expects the employees to work at least 500 lines. 

For a high amount, Averbach transcription is one of our payable services. On those files with turnarounds of two days or more, i pay $1.00 for the audio minute while those with same day or overnight turnaround pay $1.50 for the audio hour. 

SpeechPad’s maximum base rate is $2.50 per minute.

Do transcription jobs pay well?

The types of transcription work that pay the best include transcription for court reporters and medical transcriptionists.

Medical transcription produces an interesting road to success, where you create a portfolio by transcribing first while you are at home on public computers with no audio.

Be careful not to transcribe any trade secrets, though. This method ensures success by getting a job from the business or organization known in your area as “best” for training medical personnel who need increasing skills in healthcare (usually hospitals).

Here, it’ll be much easier to find job opportunities because they have their database of people looking for work instead of “bumping” into them randomly on social media.

Are transcription jobs worth it?

Yes, as long as you have a good quality microphone and software that records on your computer. Doing transcription seems easy, check but it takes some time to get used to it.


If you’re interested in a flexible work-from-home job that is also lucrative, transcription may be the perfect fit for you.

TranscribeMe offers competitive pay rates and an easy way to get started with their online training course.

If this sounds appealing, visit them today!

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