14 Jobs That Pay 5000 a Month( Even Without a Degree)

Making money online is not a walk in the park. It would help if you were skilled in what you do. Even with the skills, the online marketplace is competitive. Therefore, you need to be aggressive to find jobs that pay 5000 a month.

Working from home is necessary for the advancement of technology. Most online jobs require you to have a laptop, fast internet connectivity, and all the skills you require for whatever job search. With hard work and consistency, many people can earn a livelihood by working online. 

While the article explores online options to earn 5000 a month, there are offline options where you can make a decent income.

Here are online jobs to check out.

How to earn $5000 per Month -Online

1. Pinterest Virtual Assistant

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More than 24% of United States citizens use Pinterest. The actual number is around 290 million citizens, according to Omnicoreagency.

Many large and small businesses advertise on Pinterest. With expertise in being a Pinterest virtual assistant, you will be in high demand.

Online training is a handy tool to transform you from an amateur to a professional virtual assistant. 

You’ll learn how to increase your clients’ visibility online quickly.

2. Blogging and YouTube Channel

You may be asking yourself, how can I make $5000 fast? 

Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore. You can start a blog and make lots of cash once your blog has enough traffic and it’s fully monetized.

You don’t need to break the bank to start a blog. With an affordable hosting plan, you can go live with your educational, entertaining topics and help people solve their problems.

Your blog will be your source of passive income through affiliate marketing, ad revenue, sponsored posts, and a marketplace for your digital products over the years.

A youtube channel with subscribers earns you lots of money in a month. 

You need to find a profitable niche and choose a unique angle that addresses your audience’s most burning problem.

Excellent videos attract more viewers to your channel. Share your content on your social media platforms to get more views and readers.

Always engage your readers and viewers with fresh and informative content and employ your top-notch marketing skills.

You need to optimize your content and ensure it’s a sought-after niche that is not overcrowded. It will be easy to find since it’s less competitive.

Maybe you’re asking…

How many youtube views do I need to make $5000 per month?

To earn $5,000 per month from advertisements alone, you’ll need between 300,000 and 1.25 million views on your YouTube channel. This can fluctuate greatly, but you may boost your earnings by including affiliate marketing or providing merchandise or services into the mix.

3. Facebook Ad Manager

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Facebook Ad Manager is one of the jobs that pay $5000 a month without a degree. 

You need to get a hands-on training course that will equip you with the necessary skills to succeed in the field.

You can manage Ads for businesses and make $1,000 or more from one client.

You will be in charge of running ad campaigns for companies to increase their income and customer base. 

With good marketing skills, you will help businesses expand and earn.

The U.S has more than 27 million businesses, and more than 500 000 new companies are set monthly.  According to the US government database, businesses grow in different sectors.

Therefore, you have a large client base to kick start your Facebook Ad Manager.

You can easily make $5000 monthly with just five clients paying $1 000 per month.

The more clients you take and deliver, the more you earn.

4. Sell Printables on Etsy or Your Blog 

Selling Printables on Etsy is one job that pays $5000 a month. You need to make attractive stickers using free resources and open a free account on Etsy. 

What’s more, it’s purely passive income. You only work once, and you get paid repeatedly for the same printable once you start earning.

To get started, you need to take an online course that will equip you with the skills and the hacks of creating beautiful printables.

Once you gain adequate skills, you can choose a niche such as a bachelorette, wedding niche, or any passionate niche.

Here is the story of Julie, a blogger who earned more than $5 000 per month selling printables on Etsy

5. Professional Proofreader

Are you passionate about reading and enjoy writing once in a while? If your answer is Yes, you have an opportunity to make income remotely as a professional proofreader.

You can turn your passion into a job that pays 5000 a month. Your service will help writers who are poor at proofreading.

You can get hired for projects such as magazines, websites, books, and translation tasks. All you need to take up this job is to be a professional with a keen eye for any grammatical error in a text. With regular proofreading gigs under your belt, you can hit your $ 5 000 income mark.

You can read or take an online course to horn your skills. You can earn an hourly rate of $17-30. To make more, you can concentrate on clients with bulky proofreading jobs. You spend more time working as opposed to chasing clients.

Another advantage of this job is that you have flexible hours, get competitive rates, and you can work from anywhere.

6. Freelance writing

Freelance writing offers you an opportunity to work remotely and earn money. 

You need to get trained in various freelance writing aspects to get started. You also need to be skilled in how to pitch, bid, and get high paying clients, even local businesses.

You can write blog posts, web pages, landing pages, press releases, product descriptions, ghostwriting, and a tone of other tasks. 

Once you have completed your training, you need a laptop and good internet connectivity. You can charge your clients between $50 up to $250 for one article.

What’s more, you get to work remotely, have time with your family and even travel as you work.

7. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is another online job to consider. There are different types of virtual assistants. They include: 

  1. Social media social assistant, 
  2. Real estate virtual assistant,
  3. Virtual research assistant and 
  4. Ecommerce virtual assistant.

Like other online jobs, you need the training to carry different tasks and look for high paying clients. Training helps you know how to price your services and make more than $ 5000 per month. 

Many businesses are online, and you can work remotely and see companies grow. Through good communication, Virtual assistants can help boost your business sales. They can also offer innovative business ideas.

You can virtually arrange for meeting venues, work on high-paying blogs, and earn more by offering virtual assistant tasks training.

One of the most lucrative virtual assistant jobs is becoming a real estate virtual assistant. Do you want to learn how?

How to Become a Real Estate Virtual Assistant And Make a Living

8. Sell digital stickers on Etsy

You can sell digital stickers on Etsy. Signing up on Etsy is free. With a variety of online resources, you can go for stickers that are on demand.

You don’t need to be an artist or have special software to make perfect stickers. With many sticker resources available online, making perfect stickers is easy.

With a computer and good internet connectivity, you are good to start your business and earn passive income.

Selling digital stickers is one of the jobs that pay 5k a month. You need to upload your product on Etsy with a few hours of work. 

You enjoy passive income since you will repeatedly earn from your stickers. You need to make stickers that stand out and outsource your design to ensure you sell. Here are tips on how to sell your stickers effectively.

9. Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit is another platform where you can get well-paying jobs. There are various tasks on task rabbit such as handyman, cleaning, moving, and delivery.

It lets you find jobs you enjoy doing at a schedule that suits you. Many people who take the task earn up to $ 5,000 per month, according to Money.com.

Once you sign up, you get notifications of potential tasks near you. You will need to choose a job you can comfortably handle, then communicate with the client and once you are done, invoice the client. 

Some of the jobs you can take include cleaning, delivery, moving, furniture, personal assistance, and handyman work. 

Take more tasks and complete as fast as you can to earn more.

10. Sell on Amazon.

Amazon is a large retail store with over one hundred million members. Half of the sellers on Amazon are third party sellers.

To get started as an Amazon seller, you need to get training to have your way around the vast gold mine. With practice, you gain insight into which products to sell, how to advertise your store and what you need to qualify as a seller.

The logic behind selling on Amazon is getting goods at a lower price and selling at a higher price. Though some sellers complained of boredom and doing the same repetitive tasks, it’s worth your time and if you are in for the money.

If you wondered which summer jobs pay up to $5000 per month, selling on Amazon is one of those opportunities. You can start at the lower side and move up gradually on Amazon. You can choose to sell as a professional where you will be charged a higher commission than when you sell as an individual.

With the right products in your store, you can make more than $5000 in profits per month even without a bachelor’s degree.

11. Teach English online with VIPKID

VIPKID is a legitimate online workplace where you can make $5,000 per month. Vipkid focuses on teaching English to young children aged between 4-12 years. Most of the lessons are taught virtually. You can therefore work remotely.

With more than 600 000 students, according to statistics on a business publication, the platform is always in need of tutors.

To qualify as a tutor, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in English or any field. You also need to be eligible to work in Canada, and the U.S. Vipkid selects the best tutors to ensure quality lessons to its learners.

Your experience in teaching, tutoring, coaching, homeschooling, and mentoring is an added advantage.

With rates as high as $25 per hour, you can make $5,000 per month. You can take up several teaching sessions in a day to make more money on the platform.

12.Fiverr gigs

Fiverr is one platform that can offer you jobs that pay $ 5,000 a month. With gigs such as voice-overs, writing blog posts, programming, and writing resumes, you can make $100 per day.

You can work remotely on several projects such as graphic design, writing, voice-over artist, video editing, and many other categories. 

To use the site, you sign up and set a seller profile. You can polish your skills by learning online or offering a skill you have mastered.

With good reviews on your Fiverr profile, you can always get repeat clients and highest paying jobs and earn more each month.


Micro-working is another opportunity to earn from home without a degree. 

You complete a simple task which different websites provide. Some of the websites include Fiverr, Upwork, Truelancer, People per hour, and design crowd.

You don’t need prior knowledge but your ability to do jobs as fast as you can. You need to market your skills for potential clients to hire you.

Some of the functions include watching videos, translation tasks for social media like Twitter and Facebook, and image identification.

To be more effective, you can train online and join a micro worker website to start earning immediately. Sites like Fiverr let you create a variety of gigs and attract many buyers.

To safeguard yourself from cons, don’t pay anything for registration.

Offline Jobs That Pay 5k a month.

While you can earn online in various jobs, there are also offline opportunities to make money.  You will need to be physically present to work and earn. Like online jobs, some of the tasks do not require you to have a degree.

Some of those offline opportunities include.


Childcare is another way you can make money at home. With many parents busy working, there is always a high demand for child care providers. You can offer child care for infants up to school-going children. Parents can collect their children at your place after work. 

It’s a simple hustle that works well if you have time. You only need child care skills, be a little patience with the little ones, and you are good to go.

Childcare earns you an average of $200 a week for every child in your care. It works well in states with high rates. With ten children under your care, you can make close to $5,000 per month. You can advertise your service through word of mouth or by the use of stickers.

While you require licensing and some money can go into taxes, the best way to earn more without a degree.

To effectively run a child care service, you need to have enough space, child play equipment, and foodstuffs for children. You can also check the taxation structure and requirements for setting up a daycare.

As your children’s numbers grow, you can consider starting a fully-fledged daycare service, where you will earn more money. 

15. Dog Walker or Pet Sitting

dog, white dog, small dog

When you are free and others are working, you don’t need to binge-watch all day. Many pet owners have no helping hands with their pets.

You can take time off to dog walk or pet sit. With a few internet reads and guides, you will have a step by step guide on how to get your business off the ground. You will have an overview of the materials and equipment needed to take care of pets effectively.

Your love for animals is an added advantage. Depending on the arrangement you have with your client, you can check on their pets several hours a day or stay with their pets at your home.

You can get recommendations from previous clients or pass your business through word of mouth. You can take your side gig a notch higher by advertising on your social media pages.

The hustle takes less of your time, and you will bond with your children once your pet walks together.

16. Rent out a room on Airbnb

You can make extra money online by renting your apartment or room on Airbnb. You can ensure that your listing is attractive, be a super host to rank on top of the Airbnb Algorithm, and account for your operation cost.

If you work in a different town or your house is always vacant since you travel, Airbnb is the best way to earn extra income.

You need to sign up as an Airbnb host. If your city is big enough with substantial human traffic, you can rent out extra rooms and make $5000 a month. To ensure profitability and sustainability, be aware of legal issues that may arise. Have a legal advisor to help out with legal matters to not lose on your profits.

To ensure profitability and get referrals, your house needs to be in good condition and provide guests with the necessary amenities.

17. Become a programmer

You can become a programmer if you are an introvert and make more than $5,000 every month. Programming skills are on-demand, and online gigs pay well.

While you can go to school and get a degree rather than being employed in a specific field, you can still be a programmer without a degree.

All you need is online training, practice, and various projects to keep you going. With several clients, you can easily reach your monthly target of $ 5000

Sources such as ZipRecruiter list a programmer’s annual income at $70,000. Making $ 5000 per month is possible with high paying clients. With experience, you offer quality and solutions to businesses that will gladly hire you.

You also get to travel and work remotely. 

18. Bookkeeping or Accounting 

With new technology and a surge of remote work, you can work from anywhere in the world as an accountant or bookkeeper. Many businesses may not be in a position to hire a full-time accountant. As a contractor, you can offer your services to such companies.

Accountant earns an hourly rate of between $25 to $30. The income is high enough to accumulate an annual income of $60,000.

If you have expertise in accounting, you have the full potential to earn $5,000 monthly. 

19. Real Estate Agent

Being a real estate agent is one summer job that pays up to $5,000 per month. Your income may come from closing one sale, which may even be more than your monthly target.  If you sell expensive houses, you earn more commission.

Real estate is a business that is always an in-thing and never runs dry.

It would be best if you were in touch with real estate agents then check out the properties that can be sold or leased. You will have a variety of leads, which is an excellent place to start.

Once you have the stuff, you can advertise on classified and property websites on the properties’ availability. With more marketing skills, such as social media advertising, you can close deals.

Since most houses are highly-priced, you can sell one property and get a hefty commission. What’s more, you don’t need any experience or qualification to start selling.

20. Work at Home Insurance Agent

Working as an insurance agent is one of the remote jobs that pay 5k a month. You can sell different insurance policies, such as personal injury, accident covers, car insurance, and life insurance, among others.

It’s a job that never runs dry since insurance is necessary for our daily lives. Many people seek good insurance policies to help them, whether car insurance, personal life insurance, or property insurance.

It would be best to convince potential clients to take up the policies if you had excellent communication effectively. You can print leaflets, create a website or meet group workers who may be interested in taking insurance policies.

You can start by approaching your friends, relatives, and acquaintances. The commission you get from one procedure is enough to make $5k a month.

21. Make dog treats at home.

More and more people are turning their love of dogs into a thriving business.

But how much can you really expect to make?

Well, as a beginner, you can probably expect to bring in around $500-$1,000 a month. Of course, this will vary depending on how many treats you’re selling and what kind of margin you’re working with. If you’re selling gourmet treats, you’ll be able to charge more than if you’re just selling simple biscuits.

And, of course, the more treats you sell, the more money you’ll make. So, if you’re looking to start small and work your way up, selling dog treats could be a great option for you.

Who knows – with enough dedication and enthusiasm, you could even turn this into a full-time job!

Job Hunting Tips You Need to Master.

Earning $5000 per month is not a walk in the par; you need the following tips to hunt effectively.

1. Focus on Networking

To get jobs that pay $5,000 per month without a degree, you need to network. Whether you are in school or at home, you need to have friends.

Friends will introduce you to their acquaintances, who will be a great asset in linking you to that online or offline job you have always wanted. 

Attend workshops, webinars, and travel to meet new people and find opportunities.

2. Research about Salaries

To land a well-paying job, you need to know which kind of jobs pay well. Some jobs, such as medicine, take a long time to get necessary skills but pay well. Some practical job skills which are in demand are also bound to pay more.

Different skills attract a specific salary. Before settling on something you love, ensure that the salary scale is large and comfortable.

Courses such as engineering, statistics, and computer science guarantee high salaries compared to systems like psychology or education.

Read more: 7 High-Income Skills You Can Learn And Make More Money

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match.

To make $5,000 per month, you need to take various tasks. You can take a mix of jobs that pay highly, take more time to complete, and those that take less time to finish. With a variety of jobs, you will be occupied to meet your income goals.

If you are a blogger or Youtuber, you can also do other functions like online surveys or sell goods on Amazon.

It ensures that your income is maximized and can quickly surpass your income goals.

Final Word

The above are online and offline jobs that pay 5k a month. The jobs do not need a degree and can be done remotely. To ensure you offer quality, always sharpen your skills and market yourself to potential clients.

Earning 5k a month improves your livelihood in many ways. You can stop living from hand to mouth, you can pay off debts, you can retire early, and if you are not happy with your day job, you can easily quit and be financially stable.

Whether you are looking for summer jobs that pay up to $5,000 per month or simple gigs, the internet and offline options are open. You need to put in more work, be creative and find out what you love doing best so that you do not get bored or abandon your job.

It is essential to safeguard yourself from online scams and ensure your business dealings are legal. Websites that ask for registration fees are questionable, so are sites that ask for your banking information.

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