How to Make $50 a Day on Mturk (Even $50,000)

Do you feel that?

That slight burning sensation in your heart?

That push to make $50 a day? Do you realize there are tons of ways to make money fast out there? We will share with you why Amazon Mechanical Turk careers could be one of the best for online freelancing. 

An extra $50 per day translates to almost $2,000 per month. Cool, right? You want to know how? First, let’s get to understand what Mturk is.

What is Amazon Mturk?

Mechanical Mturk or Amazon Mturk is a program created for outsourcing jobs, and the jobs are processed to a group of people. These people then complete the assignments virtually over the internet.

Amazon mechanical turk job examples can be:

  • Performing surveys
  • Video/audio transcriptions
  • Video ratings on YouTube
  • Working on excel spreadsheets
  • Categorization tasks
  • Research work
  • Content moderation and many more.

The tasks on Mturk are also referred to as Human Intelligence Tasks or HITs. The HITs are posted by “requesters.”

Each human intelligence task (HIT) has a price tag, and the time it takes to compete. 

Scroll through the list of tasks available. Accept a suitable job for you, complete it, then submit the HIT and await your payment.

When you log into the Mturk dashboard, you’ll find a list of HITs. You will see who offers the job, the deadline, and the amount of pay. 

You can transcribe a receipt for ($0.01), summarize a text for ($ 0.35), or take a survey for ($1).

The Mturk program allows companies to gain skills, insights, and intelligence to improve their work processes. Mturk forms its basis on the fact that human beings are more efficient than computers.

Mturk helps companies get things done, especially on those tasks that would be costly to outsource. Companies would find it difficult to scale and time-consuming – thanks for Mturk.

Who is a Mechanical Turk Worker?

Jeff Bezos refers to the Mturk workers as Turkers. The amount they earn is proportional to how fast they can complete each task. 

Their earnings are also dependent on the ability to secure high-paying HITs. 

How Does Mturk Work?

Developers and requesters use the Amazon Mturk to outsource different kinds of jobs. Workers are needed to do various tasks then get paid for them. 

Mturk has hundreds of jobs that one can feel free to select from. 

The HITs will explain how to complete the tasks. They also show the amount of money you can expect to earn. It also includes the time each task will take to complete.

Once the task is complete and submitted, the requester will review it and approve for payment. 

To increase your earnings, be sure to do more and more HITs. The more tasks you complete, the more you earn from the program.

It all boils down to the more HITs you complete, the higher the expected pay.

You can earn, on average, $2-$5 per hour for tasks done. Some jobs could even make you more than $5 per hour. 

Kind of Work You Can Do On Mturk

1. Descriptions of Search Engines

These kinds of tasks demand that you are good at researching and writing quality descriptions. 

Your requester gives you a search term to research on. Once the work is done, you then submit it to the requester. 

Other tasks you can perform on Mturk include writing web content, editing videos, images, and plenty of different jobs.

2. Transcription Services

In this particular job, you get to perform short transcription tasks. Transcription involves to recorded audio/video then converting what you hear into text form. On the long transcription tasks, you get a bonus.

Bonuses tend to vary based on the length and difficulty of the transcription file. 

3. Surveys

You can take various types of surveys on a variety of topics.

Mturk allows you to filter the kinds of surveys you can perform depending on your preferences. 

The surveys take short periods to complete. 

If you are great at answering survey queries, then this is the kind of job that is suitable for you. 

How much can you earn with MTurk?

Most importantly, you have set a target of how much you can earn on Mturk. 

The higher the earnings, the better for you.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Your Earning potential on Mturk depends on your determination and how many hours you are willing to put in in a day. 

There is always work available once you have signed up. The more HITs you target, the better your chances are at getting better-paying clients.

So, how much can you make on Mturk in a day?

Nick of Side Hustle Nation states that he would make anywhere between $150-$300/week. And over the last six years, he has made over $50,000 in total. 

As you can see, this is not bad considering you work on your computer from home. 

In 2017, Cornell University researchers released “A Data-Driven Analysis on Worker’s Earnings on Amazon Mturk.”2,600 workers who were performing 3.8 million tasks earned an average of $2 an hour, while only 4% of the workers could make $7.25per hour.

Nick notes that, like other freelance sites, you have to be patient enough with lower-paying work as you build your portfolio.

How Many HITs Can You Do In A Day On Mturk?

In a day, a Turker can perform up to 5000 HITs. The more HITs you perform, the more the earnings.  

Maybe you are still wondering…How do I get $50 a day on Mturk?

Now, you don’t want to miss what’s next.

How to Make $50 a Day on Mturk 

You ever wondered how it would be like when you no longer have to stress over that recurring bill? 

That moment when you can finally hit your financial goals?

Well, let’s get down to some pointers on how to get started with mturk and find ways to Increase your mTurk earnings.

1. Select HITs That Are Well Paying

While many of the tasks on Mturk are low-paying, you can select tasks that have their pay a little higher. 

You can choose tasks so you can finish fast and pay at least $0.40 per task. 

2. Follow A subReddit

A day’s best HITs are listed on subReddit like this. Users will let you know what’s top on the list and let you know when the HIT has been completed. 

This is so that you do not waste your time trying to get a HIT that is no longer available.

3. Stay Informed on Matters Mturk

It would be best if you kept yourself informed in forums like the Mturk forum. These insights will help you further understand and better approach Mturk.

Keeping yourself informed will help you keep away the scammers.

4. Aim To Achieve A Successful HIT Number

There is no maximum number of tasks you can perform on Mturk. Keeping your HITs number on a high with help you achieve your $50 a day target. 

Aim at getting to not less than 5000 tasks a day. The greater the HITs numbers on your profile, the more experienced you will look in the eyes of requesters.

You are also eligible for even better rates when your HITs numbers are high. If you just registered as a new worker, push yourself to perform as many tasks as possible.

5. Keep An Eye On Approval Levels

You will have a higher competitive advantage if you have an acceptance rate of 98% and above. In any task that you are assigned, work at maintaining a strong and consistent approval score.

6. It would help if you Were Easily Accessible

If you are readily available during weekdays, you can apply for most high-paying HITs that are readily available. 

7. Install Extensions Tow Browsers

Browser extensions will help you in different ways. When the barriers to entry on Mturk are reduced, you will find the right jobs.

Plugins for browsers to consider include;

These extensions will update your browser automatically to show new jobs.

8. Filter Applicants

You can identify red flags like a lowly employer that is lowly ranked. Such may indicate their rate of rejecting jobs, or they may be undesirable to work with. 

Turkopticon is a tool that can help filter this out.

9. Join Worker Forums

In worker forums, you can learn about well-paying jobs that have been listed. Mturk Crowd and Turker Nation are some of the forums you can join.

10. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The more the skills involved, the higher your chances of better pay. Do not stick to only what you know. Learn to perform a different skill. 

Most of those who are happy with their Mturk earnings will even perform tasks like transcription.

11. Boost Your Qualifications

Some of the HITs require you to be a trained professional. Thus, this will improve the odds of you getting the job. 

You can participate in surveys or sample HITs to improve your chances of succeeding in the specialized tasks. 

Also, given your skills, you can evaluate the exams you can take to improve your skillset further. 

You reduce the completion of well-paying HITs if you enhance your skills and become a cut above the rest.

12. Set Achievable Goals

If you want to make more money on Mturk, you have to set your goals and follow them through. You will need to keep a log of how your revenue keeps on increasing. 

Set a new target when you hit the one you had set previously. Ensure you keep reviewing what is working for you and what is not working for you.

How Does One Get Paid On Mturk

ecommerce, shopping, credit card

Amazon Mturk pays its workers in two different ways: Either through a bank deposit to your account or an Amazon Gift Card.

Mturk payment takes 3-4 working days to reflect and show your bank account or up to 24 hours to reflect on your Amazon Gift Card.

You need a minimum of $1 to qualify for payment.

Keep reading, and I will show you how you can increase your earnings on Mturk.

How Long Does It Take Before You Earn Good Money On Mturk

So you just signed up on Mturk, and you want to know when you will get to see the actual cash? 

Well, some people earn even up to $100 per week only after a few weeks of joining Mturk.

A survey may only be able to give you just about $0.40. The HIT could take you only 2 minutes to finish. 

Thus, this translates to $12 per hour you just earned while just working from home. 

Every HIT pays different rates, but you could expect $6-$12/hour on average. 

You can use an extension like CrowdWorkers. It helps you track your hourly rate as well as optimize your hourly rate.

The Benefits of Mturk

Well, who doesn’t love the ability to be able to work at your own convenient time? 

You can work for a whole day, or you can choose to be there for less than an hour. 

The other advantage Amazon Mturk provides is you can cash in on your earnings daily. 

Unlike other sites where you have to hit a minimum before you cash out. 

Amazon Mechanical Turk Review

While you can earn money from amazon mechanical turk conveniently, it’s not perfect. The highest paying jobs are competitive and tend to come through during regular working hours on weekdays. If you only have time to do it at nights or on weekends, you’ll still find work but likely not as much good work.

That said, let’s look at what others are saying.

Amazon Mturk User Complaints

The primary issue experienced by Mturk workers is the lack of set hourly rates. The payment depends really on how much effort you put into a task. 

Payments are also a significant issue. For some HITs, the payments are seen as very little. 

Getting a few cents as payment for a particular HIT means that you have to complete as many tasks as before you reach your set goal.

Another issue is that requesters may choose to reject your work after it is submitted. Thus, this means you get to lose your anticipated pay as well as hurting your overall rating.

Worst of all is that some requesters will choose to reject your work for no legitimate reason.

That leads us to the next question…

Is Amazon Mturk Legit?

Although some users have complained about the platform, Amazon Mturk is legitimate. 

It is an excellent way to make income during your free time. 

Although the payment received may be deemed low, those willing to put in the right effort will do well.

Getting paid via your bank account or through an Amazon Gift Card makes it a legit way to make your money at home.

Amazon mechanical turk reviews

Amazon Mechanical Turk is very easy to use and doesn’t take long to learn to use. You can also reach tons of people if you need some data quick and if you are a worker, you can find tons of micro jobs to earn a few extra bucks.

Read more reviews here

The Pros and Cons Of Amazon Mturk


  • Amazon Mturk is a trusted site. It has relied on all over the world
  • You get to cash out at any point you wish to
  • You get to work however best it gets to fit your schedule
  • There are different kinds of jobs you can work on
  • There is no training required unless for specialized skills
  • If you are highly skilled, you qualify for better-paying jobs
  • Requesters can apply for their jobs while in a different country


  • The major drawback to Mturk would be the low pay. For you to reach your financial goal on Mturk, you would need to perform many tasks.
  • Amazon Mturk charges a high commission on the little income you get to make. A 20% commission is somewhat on the higher side compared to the hourly rates on the site.
  • The highest-paying jobs are available during regular work hours on weekdays. If your availability is at night or on weekends, then you’ll not find the best rates
  • Work is available in most countries, but only those in India and the US can withdraw cash. The rest can only be allowed to redeem their earnings through the  Amazon Gift Card.

Amazon Mturk is a legitimate way to make money, and it is here to stay. It is a rewarding platform for workers and developers. 

Workers get access to plenty of short tasks for them to complete and get paid. 

The payments might be a bit on the lower side, but skilled and qualified workers get better-paying tasks.

It is an excellent platform for those who want to make some extra income from home. 

Just like any other thing you might want to venture into, the secret to succeeding on Mturk is to know what you want and go for it.

After reading through the review, is mturks worth doing? Here is some motivation.

Success Story: Meet the Super-Hyped Turker

matterhorn, vacations, summit

So, what does it take for you to win on Amazon Mturk?

Here’s how:

When Mike Naab got to know about Amazon Mechanical Turk, his thinking was that maybe it was not was it all seemed to be. 

The much talked about the ability to put together an income by performing numerous tasks seemed far from the truth.

For quite some time, it seemed not to be realistic. For the first few weeks on Mturk, Naab managed only $2/hour. 

Then, he got to discover the online metropolis of hardcore Turkers.

These hardcore Turkers built software tools that automatically alerted them when there was a well-paying HIT. 

They also installed extensions for browsers that helped track their rates per hour and used them to optimize their workflow. 

He started to learn the ropes of Mturk slowly. 

From 2013, he has completed 95,000 Human Intelligent Tasks, and he has earned more than $45,000 while working only part-time on Mturk.  

Typically in 30 days, he completes 4,000 HITs. Most of those HITs take just a few seconds to complete. He manages to make over $1,000.

What a great way for Naab to increase his supplemental income. He performs his best amazon mturk hits during short gaps in the course of his day. 

It could be during a lunch break, a few minutes lull in between meetings, and so on. 

Of course, the downside of this would be the eternal cycle of having to work almost throughout your day.

How To Join Mturk

Ok, so now you know what Mturk is all about. 

Your next question might be, how do I join Mturk? 

You need to take the following steps to join the Mturk program.

Step 1: Visit Amazon Mturk and get started. 

Step 2: The next step is to register as either a worker or a requester. If you want to register as a worker, click on “Create a worker account.”

Step 3: Enter your details like your name, email, and password. Then click on, “create my amazon account.” Once that is done, you will be ready to begin your work.

It takes about 48 hours to have the Mturk team approve the request. They verify your social security number, which is needed for purposes of tax.

When your account is verified, you begin on a probation period. You are expected to complete HITs for ten days.

In ten days, there is a limit of 100 HITs per day. Consequently, in this case, you cannot make any withdrawal of your money. 

And the best part:

Once the ten-day probation period is over, there is no limit to you making withdrawals from your account.

Other Sites Like Mturk

If online freelancing is your thing, there are other sites that you can register on to find similar work like that on Mturk.

  • Clickworker – This site is similar to Mturk. It has initial assessments which you need to take seriously. Assessments qualify you to pick up tasks. 
  • Crowdflower – It’s an extensive crowdsourcing site and contracts worldwide. This site’s uniqueness is that they offer their tasks through third parties such as Clixsense and InstaGC.
  • Fancy Hands – Offers small virtual assistant tasks. Virtual assistance entails answering emails, booking appointments, research, etc. The payment is more likely to be higher too for these kinds of tasks.
  •  iSoftStone – Commonly known for its search engine evaluation tasks, this site also offers crowdsourcing tasks.
  • Microworkers – It is very much like Amazon Mturk. When you make a quick scan through the buyer templates available on the site, you get a general idea of the available tasks. They include but are not limited to – data mining, categorization, content moderation, surveys, etc.
  • OneSpace – Their tasks are mainly in research fields and writing.
  • – Is a transcription site. You pick the files you want to transcribe.

Why was my Amazon Mechanical Turk registration denied?

If you’re wondering why your Amazon Mechanical Turk registration was denied, it’s most likely because Amazon was not able to verify your identity.

This can be a problem if you’re trying to sign up from outside the US, as Amazon may not be able to obtain the necessary information to confirm who you are. However, there are a few other potential reasons for a registration denial. For example, if you have already created an Amazon account but have not used it in a while, your registration may be denied due to inactivity.

Similarly, if you have previously been banned from Mechanical Turk for violating the terms of service, your registration will likely be denied. If you’re not sure why your registration was denied, the best course of action is to contact Amazon customer service for more information.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Pricing

How are the fees calculated?

You can review Amazon Mechanical Turk pricing here.

Wrapping Up

Here’s the bottom line, if you haven’t signed up, do so and wait to be accepted in the next 48 hours for a free account. 

More so, if you are yet to make $50 a day on Amazon Mechanical Turk, then do not let the tips given above slide through your grasp.

Hold on tight. You will benefit from the tricks soon enough.

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