Project Breakthrough Reviews: Scam or legit?

Wondering whether Project Breakthrough is worth a shot? I’ll help you decide.

Because online jobs can expose you to scammers, you need reliable information.

I’ll answer your questions and help you make a smart decision and start earning online.

In fact, by the end of this review, you can spot the red flags, and you’ll put a face to the people behind Project Breakthrough.

What Is Project Breakthrough?

As a new work-from-home program, Project Breakthrough promises that you can start making money in just two weeks.

High Traffic Academy creators offer the training program. This academy says its goal is to offer tools, events, videos, among other resources, to help people making money online.

The academy offers several courses, whose prices seem to be at least $290.

But, the creators promise Project Breakthrough is free of charge. Why? Creators Vick Strizheus and Jason McClain say they want to help people who find it challenging to make money online.

Under this training, there are 14 lessons on video, but you have to unlock them step by step.

Project Breakthrough promises that after teaching you to make income online, they’ll help you upgrade and start making even more.

Who Is Associated with Project Breakthrough?

Project Breakthrough is associated with Vick Strizheus and Jason McClain.

Online sources describe Vick or Vitaliy Strizheus as a con artist who was jailed for grand theft. He is claimed to have engaged in illegal life insurance claims amounting to $30,000.

On top of that, Strizheus was associated with The Empower Network. He was, however, expelled from this Ponzi scheme.

Another worrying detail about Strizheus is that police shut down another training video he produced. The program was dubbed Global Success Club.

There isn’t much information about his partner Jason McClain. The website, however, says he’s a marketer with over 20 years of experience. Additionally, he is skilled at technology and sales.

However, it’s only logical to conclude that McCain, who also goes by the name Less, is no saint because of his link with Strizheus.

Is Project Breakthrough a Scam?

Although the Project Breakthrough videos are allegedly supposed to teach you online money-making tricks, they don’t have much content.

The videos are presented in such a way that they convince you to spend money.

Without information on the skills imparted, the expected outcome, and how they intend to help every student start making money in 14 days, the program is questionable.

Unfortunately, the main goal of Project Breakthrough is to interest their students in affiliate marketing for High Traffic Academy.

Although affiliate marketing is a genuine job, the fact that Project Breakthrough doesn’t clearly say you’ll be an affiliate is misleading.

Still, for a website that promises to help people make money, Project Breakthrough has very little information about itself and the founders.

Another red flag is the creators’ promise to offer the training for free. However, once you start the training, you realize you need to keep upgrading to the paid-for courses. Some of these upsells cost over $170 per month.

 What Is the Training About?

Here’s a sneak peek into the training that Project Breakthrough offers:

a. Introduction

In this video, you’re introduced to the creators, Jason and Vick.

 b. Online Marketing

Here, you learn online marketing terms.

Jason also breaks down the tenets of affiliate marketing as one of the ways to earn online.

Still, he tells you how to get the right affiliate network.

c. Making Money Fast

Generally, the video talks about various ways of earning, among them dropshipping and affiliate marketing.

Vick takes you through online marketing campaigns and what a successful sales funnel looks like.

Finally, you’ll learn how Project Breakthrough works and how to leverage it.

Project Breakthrough Reviews

Although the creators of Project Breakthrough say you’ll start making money within 14 days, it is almost unlikely.

In cases where these fast payments are realized, you probably have a great portion of paid traffic.

Making money online doesn’t take a lot to build. You only need to perfect your skills to be outstanding.

I.Pros of Project Breakthrough

This website has more questions than answers. Plus, there are several red flags about its authenticity. However, if you get past the doubt phase, there’s one benefit.

Free training

If you’re a fast learner, the 14-day video might be enough for you to start making money online.

Why? With the details it provides, you have the basics to build a foundation.

2. Cons of Project Breakthrough

The downside of trying to make money online is you might fall prey to a scam. Even if you don’t, there might be challenges. Here are some of the not-so-good things about Project Breakthrough:

a. High cost

Even though the creators claim that Project Breakthrough is free, the upsells are quite costly. If you’re just a beginner without much money looking to start earning, this high price locks you out.

Still, there are very few details about the course, making it hard to tell if the cost is value for money.

Besides, you still have to pay more money for traffic sources. Although this is optional, you’re likely to do it to start getting traffic.

b.  Unfulfilled promises and the rush

The most noticeable thing about Project Breakthrough is the promise to make money within 14 days. However, it doesn’t show you how to do it this fast.

Besides, you’re told you need to finish the course very fast. This rush creates an environment filled with pressure, especially for those who take a little longer to learn.

Should You Trust Project Breakthrough?

By now, you can tell whether Project Breakthrough is a scam or not.

The fact that its creators have a suspicious past should be a red flag.

Another concern is that the platform says the training is free, but there are many upsells.

However, if you’re a beginner looking for some basic skills to kickstart your online earning journey, you can consider Project Breakthrough. 

Here’s my list of genuine ways through which you can make money online.

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